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There are two types of cleats for football. There are molded cleats which have built in studs that cannot be removed. The studs are molded into the bottom of the cleat. There are also detachable cleats that you can replace the studs with.

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When detachable cleats break or get worn down after using them for a long period of time, they can be replaced. You can buy replacement cleats from nearly any sporting goods store, or online. They are relatively cheap and easy to purchase.

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When buying replacement cleats there are a variety of different replacement studs you can buy. Longer studs are better for thick grass, and soft ground. Smaller studs are better for turf and a hard surface. Decide what studs to buy depending on where you will play most of your games, whether its thick grass or turf.

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Buying replacement cleats should be done when the studs are worn down, broken, or missing.

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In high school I would always use the biggest studs a could find.

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I always liked bigger studs because i never played on turf fields.

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