FAQS for Campus Men Spokesmodels

  • What is Required to Get Accepted in the Program?

    Our acceptance terms differ, based on the type of content we film. Students Appearing Choosing to Appear in Exercise Instruction Videos should read these Terms.

    Students Choosing Athletic Topics have different terms. To become eligible to be invited to attend a video shoot, athletes must be a resident of the USA or Canada and must submit and complete 20 filmable topics using our Self-Publishing Tool.

  • Why are Participation Terms for Exercise Videos Different from Other Topics?

    All exercises to be filmed already have a written script to be used at video shoots. This is not the case for our Athletic topics. This is why we need students who will appear in athletic topics to use our Self-Publishing Tool.

  • What is Expected of me After Being Accepted?

    You will need to fill out your Campus Men profile page, detailing your sports or weightlifting experience and upload a photo that shows your face as your "Avatar". People what to know who is giving them advice and why you know Sports/Weight training. All info you add to your profile is publicly available to the world. Please check our Terms for full details.

  • What Happens After I use the Self-Publishing Tool?

    Each topic you complete using our Self-Publishing Tool will be reviewed by a human editor. If our editor thinks your “Tip” is missing details or is not clearly-written, he or she may provide suggestions on how you can improve it. If you have improvements you need to make to a topic, you will see a message on your "My Tips" page. So, visit that page a two days after each topic is submitted. Our editors are interested in submissions that include a lot of details, and which mention brand names and products, equipment and gear. You can read all the details on our Editorial Guidance page.

  • How Much Will I Be Paid?

    Rates vary depending on the topic you choose. We pay the highest rates when you choose “Buying Guides” - topics that give advice on how to buy training gear and training aids.

    We pay you twice for each tip... first, we pay you regularly for adding a written version of your topic using our Self-Publishing Tool.

    ...and we pay you again (at the video shoot, weeks or months later) for appearing in a video version of the same topic (which we film).

    Payments for Using our Self-Publishing Tool

    We pay up to $14 per tip via US Mail approximately one week after you add a tip in written form using our Self-Publishing Tool.

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    Payments for Participating in Our Video Shoots

    We pay you if and when you appear in a video version of your tip (we create) - payable on the day of your shoot. (Up to $42 per tip)

    Example: If we film ten tips with you on a Saturday and the rate for each tip is $42, you will receive a check for $420 at the end of the day. After a two-day shoot (Saturday and Sunday), you can leave with a check for up to $840.

    You cannot get paid for the video portion (or invited to a shoot) without first adding a written version of your topics using our Self-Publishing Tool.

  • What is a Campus Men™ Video Shoot Like?

    When our staff films a video, there is a lot more preparation than you may be accustomed to when shooting your own videos with your phone!

    We use a clapboard. We set up tripods, microphones, and professional lights.

    Speakers follow a written script. If you speak during your video, you will be expected to memorize the script.

    Shoots are pre-planned weeks before you meet us at the shoot. Preparing for a professional video shoot involves planning and memorizing, not just an ability to move. We don't just show up and press the "record button." This is because video editing time is costly. You do not step in front of the camera without a written version of the topic that will be filmed on video. The more organized a shoot, the less "takes," mistakes, starts and stops will be needed. Less time will be needed in the editing studio.

    We go through each topic you submitted through our Self-Publishing Tool to assure gear and anything you will show to the camera is available at the shoot. We also pre-plan close-up shots and camera angles.

    You can read more details on our Video Shoots.

  • What is Required of Me Before Being Allowed to Attend a Video Shoot?

    To become eligible to be invited to attend a video shoot, you submit and complete 20 filmable topics using our Self-Publishing Tool.

    You do this from your home. We will send you a check through the U.S. Mail for these submissions.

    Filmable topics are those that show a rate for Video in our available topic list.

    We reserve the right to require you to read a script during a telephone call or video call (before a video shoot is scheduled) to prove you can properly enunciate scripted dialogue in a coherent manner, and can memorize dialogue.

  • Can I “just show up” at a shoot and “wing it” if the topic is About Something I have done many times?

    Although the topic of your videos may involve something you have done many times, memorizing a written script will allow you to say less "ums" and "ahs" - from being uncertain about what to say.

    Less "takes," mistakes, requiring starts and stops will be needed when following a written script. Less time will be needed in the editing studio, sorting through bad footage.

    Plus, with less bad footage, we can edit and publish your videos faster. Being organized also results in video shorter and more watchable video.

  • Which Topics Are Eligible to Be Made into Videos?

    Some topics included in our list of “available topics” are not eligible to be made into videos and we only want to pay for written versions of those topics. You will get paid for every topic you complete using our Self-Publishing Tool (that is not plagiarized and meets our minimum quality standards) but not every topic available in our Self-Publishing Tool is eligible to be made into a video.

    We tend to choose topics to make into videos that involve gear, do not involve a lot of movement across a distance and which only require one student on camera. For example, we shy away from filming running across a field or a wrestling move involving pinning another person. If you only want to choose topics that can be made into videos, only choose topics that show a rate for Video in our topic list.

    We prioritize filming informative “Buying Guide” videos. These videos give advice on buying and using the best training gear and training aids. You know the best training gear. You know which shoulder pads fit best. Which cleats fall apart? Which training aids help a young athlete improve his performance and which should the athlete avoid? You will show different gear used by athletes in your sport to the camera and explain their pros and cons, their construction, cost and how to make a good buying decision.

  • Why are Spokesmodels Required to Have Writing Skills?

    You must have basic writing skills to participate. However, we do not expect you to be a professional writer. You know your sport. Our editors do not know "how to throw a football spiral" or do a "full-nelson move." So, we need you to "unload" all you can tell us about your topic into the Self-Publishing Tool.

    Our "Self-Publishing Tool" is very easy to use if you are familiar with the topic! However, you can get help from a friend, coach, or instructor, if you desire. The text you submit must be original and must not be copied from other websites.

  • Can I participate if I do not want to speak on camera?

    If you submit the required number of tips through our Self-Publishing Tool, you can be invited to a professional video shoot - at which you will either (depending on the topic):

    • Physically demonstrate a sports fundamental (without talking)
    • Verbally explain how to buy the best sports product/gear/training aid.

    Some athletes feel comfortable speaking on camera and others do not. For videos that discuss training gear, athletes talk about how to choose the "right" gear on camera. It is stuff you know, so speaking on camera should be easy. You sit and show different gear to the camera and talk, following the submission you added using our Self-Publishing Tool weeks earlier.

    When you demonstrate something in a video, you do not speak. Instead, we add a voiceover (audio track) to the video later. This voiceover track is an audio-only sound track that is recorded separately.

  • When Will My Shoot Occur?

    If your topics are best suited for outdoors, we will schedule your shoot during the warm months. If your topics can be filmed indoors, we can schedule your shoot anytime. We will only discuss shoot schedules after you have added at least 20 topics through our Self-Publishing Tool.

  • Where Will the Video Shoot Be Held?

    We cannot guarantee the location of your video shoot, or if you will be required to travel. We decide the location for students' shoots on a case-by-case basis after they have added at least 20 topics using Self-Publishing Tool. We may create your videos at an athletic facility in your hometown or fly you to a professional shoot at a grassy field near a major university. Our most recent shoot was held in the early morning hours at a gym near The Ohio State University.

    At our discretion, we can elect to hold a shoot in your city if we can schedule at least three students at your college (including you) to participate in a shoot on the same day. Each student attending a video shoot must meet our quantity requirements. So, encourage your friends to become Campus Men also.

    Important: We will only discuss shoot locations after you have added at least 20 topics and it possible for you to add topics using our Self-Publishing Tool, but never get invited to a video shoot.

  • What Will I Wear in My Videos?

    All athletes appearing on video wear a shirt displaying the Campus Men™ logo. You can choose from a golf shirt, tank top or "Under Armour" style sleeveless shirt. You get to take this shirt home with you.

  • What is the Schedule for the Shoot?

    Shoots usually last two days. You will be working the entire weekend. Friends and parents should not phone or text you during the shoot.

    It is important that you understand how busy you will be before agreeing to participate. Time flies by fast, shoots take longer than expected, technical problems occur and you will be faced with full schedule each day. To learn what you might be doing each hour, read our Example Schedule. Please share this schedule with your parents.

  • How Many Videos are Filmed at a Shoot?

    It takes time to set up cameras, microphones and lights. Locations must be secured. We cannot do this to film only a single, short video! We need to complete a minimum number of videos to justify our cost and time. You will be expected to appear in 10 short videos per day. Each video will be 1-2 minutes in length.

  • Am I guaranteed to participate in a Video Shoot?

    There is no guarantee you will be invited to a video shoot. It is up to our sole discretion as to who we invite to our shoots. It is entirely possible for you to use our Self-Publishing Tool and never get invited to a shoot. However, you will be compensated for using our Self-Publishing Tool (provided you meet our quality standards.)

    If you are unable to properly enunciate scripted dialogue in a coherent manner, or unable to memorize dialogue, we reserve the right to not invite you to a shoot.

    If the quality of your topics declines over time, we reserve the right to not invite you to a shoot.

  • Can I Bring Someone With Me to my Shoot?

    Only students being videotaped can attend shoots. You will be able to check in with parents via phone between filmings, but they cannot attend the shoot. In some cases, we can agree to allow a friend who has also played on a sports team, but this must be arranged two weeks in advance and your team-mate must also perform all the requirements that you met to attend the shoot.