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And were on the final work out day of our college football workout program for the off season. Today will be shoulders and the first thing you are going to do is military prices with barbell. Again, you are going to do these as heavy as possible to make sure you can get three sets of eight.

Step 2

If you can get to rep number nine, its too light. Put a little weight on. Do eight. If you can only get six or seven, take a little weight off so you can get to eight. You just want to keep it uniform and next week bump it up. So, you are going to start out with the barbell Militaries. Bring it down to about here to your arms are about parallel and pop it up. A lot of power, a lot of force with this.

Step 3

Next exercise is actually going to be lateral raises with dumbbells. So, you are going to grab dumbbell's. You can do both arms at the same time or one at a time. I like to do one at a time because I feel like I can do more weight. try not to swing and cheat with your body to get a little momentum. So, I do one arm at a time. Do three sets of eight.

Step 4

and then the next exercise, you are going to go back to military presses, but you are going to use dumbbells this time and you are going to bring it down again, the dumbbells and bring it up. You are going to feel it. Its a little more used to the stabilizer muscles, again we use dumbbells for the bench press exercises for chest its going to help you with movement a little bit so its a different feeling when you change it from barbells to dumbbells. With barbells, you can do more weight, which will help your strength as well. We always start out with the barbells. With dumbbells are really just to burn, burn out that muscle, and build up your stabilizers and you are still only going to do three sets of eight.

Step 5

Now, the next exercise, is going to be bent over lateral raises. You are going to have it down, grab the dumbbells, go back. What it is going to do is work the back of your delt muscles. And you are going to do three sets of eight of those.

Step 6

At this point, your shoulders should be pretty good, pretty warm, pretty sore right now and that's really going to conclude the workout, the shoulders. You can burn those out pretty quick. Its a smaller muscle group, again very effective. Its going to help out your bench. So, we started with Tuesday you had bench press: you gave yourself Wednesday and Thursday's to basically rest your chest muscles. Now you are working your deltoids again on Friday.

Step 7

You are going to take Saturday and Sunday off and then Monday, like I said, you are going to complete this whole program again and you are going to try to bump up weights in every single exercise. Now, I know that is not possible all the time, but that is your goal, to really get stronger.

Step 8

And what we're going to do is and talk about next is a testing program. Basically what it is, is once a month, you are going to be following this workout. Next month you are going to test yourself out. We did this in high school and college and I will get into that in the next segment. So, its how to gauge how you are doing. And if you are to college they are going to do this. They do it at the NFL combine - different things to see how strong you are, relative to everyone else. So, if you weigh 160, somebody weighs 190, 220, its going to be the same amount of weight. They are going to count how many reps you can do. So, we are going to get into that and how to gauge if your strength is going up and how the progress is and then I am going to do a little speed training exercises with you. I was able to shave off 2 tenths off my 40 time, which is pretty good for one off season. So, I am going to get into that.

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You are going to want to eat before you go to the gym. Try and eat rice, complex carbs to where you going to have some energy. Even though it is the off season in football, you really don't want to get into junk food and its not really... it is bulk up, but it isn't. You don't want to put garbage into your body. You are trying to get as strong as possible. You can gain weight now, that's fine, but you want to gain strength.

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