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Catching a football is very important especially for a skilled position player (this means all positions besides linemen). Properly catching a football may take many hours of practice along with some natural genetic ability. If practiced and taught correctly, it can become very easy to catch a football.

Step 2

To properly catch a football you should understand that you are receiving a football, not catching a football. Whenever receiving the football proper, hand placement is the key component. First make a triangular shape. This will occur by placing both hands together at the point where you pointer finger and thumbs meet.

Step 3

Once the ball has reached your hands, your hands should be in the triangular shape. Soft fingers should be highly encouraged to increase proper technique. Many balls are dropped due to what many people call "palming the ball". Palming the ball is when an individual catches the ball in their palms instead of their finger tips. This creates a high amount of pressure on the palms resulting in a dropped ball.

Step 4

You should never try to catch a ball with your body. Meaning when a ball is thrown to you, never allow the ball to touch your body before catching it with your hands. Many balls are deflected off the body and results in another dropped pass. Note that sometimes it is needed to catch a bad pass, but never trust this form of a catch due to its inconsistent nature.

Step 5

Once you have caught the ball with your finger tips, rapidly tuck the ball and prepare yourself to run. Make sure you catch the ball first and then run. Many athletes focus on running with the ball before it reaches their finger tips and this results in many dropped pass due to the lack of focus.

Step 6

Practice using your finger tips at all times. Proper practice and good technique will eventually produce soft hands and good receiving mechanics.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Practice makes perfect. If you don't practice proper technique through practice and other drills, it will never be learned correctly.

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Catching a football is very important and should be learned and practiced at a very young age. Dating back to my youngest times on the field; I recall coaches properly displaying catching technique.

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