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Most women like a sweet drink that tastes both fruity and has just enough alcohol as to where they can taste it, the mixer is very important if you want the drink to come together in the proper fashion. Depending on the alcohol you will need to find mixer that meshes well; for a drink with vodka you will want cranberry juice, redbull or orange juice. Now if tequila is the drink of choice for the night you will probably be making margaritas or something like one, so lemondade, squirt or mountain dew will give the flavor that the ladies are looking for.

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Aside from the mixer the brand of alcohol used is key, although top shelf brands will undoubtedly taste better you can find certain brands that are just as good at cheaper the price. Smirnoff makes a variety of different flavored vodkas that can be purchased at or under $30, but if you feel the need to splurge on something a bit more expensive peach Ciroc is one of the newest and hottest on the market today. Tequila just like vodka becomes more and more quality the more you spend, Don Julio is one the best mixing tequilas and can be bought at around $50; even though Don Julio is one of the best for the price Jose Quervo is a more than adequate substitute.

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Assuming that you now have the mixer and the liquor, it is now time to bring them all together so that the woman or women you're entertaining will enjoy them. With most mixed drinks you want to have a good balance of liquor and the mix, the key is to not over do either. Generally you pour the mixer first over ice about halfway up the cup, then a 3 second pour with the alcohol(or 1 shot) to ensure that enough liquor can be tasted without causing the drink to be overpowering.

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Do not overpower the drink with more alcohol than needed, just because you like a certain amount of alcohol in your drink that does not mean that she will.

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This past year one of my best girl friends asked me if I would act as bartender for her and her friends at a bridal party, being a good friend I gladly accepted the challenge even though I had no idea how to make drinks that girls would like. I was given some money and a list of supplies to purchase, but then when I started to read off certain items such as whipped cream vodka,peach flavored vodka and endless amounts of mixers; at that point I knew I was in trouble. Me being a whiskey and bourbon man I had no idea how to make mixed drinks unless they had those to alcoholic beverages in them. Long story short my time as a bartender was very short-lived and I got to hear my fair share of criticisms about the poor quality of my drink mixing skills.

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After that day I made it my mission to learn what types of alcohol go with different types of mixers, I also took note at every party that I went to about what people were drinking in order to get a better understanding of different peoples tastes. I used to think that making drinks for women was something foreign and a task that I could never master, but after observing drinking habits I have found out that making a drink for a women is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

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