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Football conditioning requires a different type of conditioning from other sports. You don't need to run for miles and minutes in football. Instead football is a much more explosive and sprint bursts. The average play in football doesn't last more than 5 seconds. There is no need to run for miles and hours.

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The main idea of football condition is to develop explosiveness, and muscular endurance. Weight lifting is not conditioning although it helps it doesn't build endurance but rather strength. Conditioning for football should consist of sprints, throws, jumps and other plyometrics.

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Sprints can be done from anywhere from 5 to 100 yards. Since a football field is only 100 yards there is no need to run any further. You can decide that distance you will run. A example of sprints for conditioning would be to run 10 yards, walk 10 yards then sprint another 10 yards. You can find many other sprinting routines online.

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Throws can be done with medicine balls. This will develop upper body explosiveness and endurance. To do these stand on a line and push the ball from your chest as far and fast as you can. This drill works best if you have a friend to catch the ball and roll it back to you so you can repeat the process faster and keep your heart rate up.

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Plyometrics is usually the hardest part of any football conditioning routine. Plyometrics ranges from box jumps, to one legged bounding jumps. When you do polymetric routines do them fast and hard. This is the quickest way to develop speed and conditioning. There are many types of plyometric exercises that can be found online. Find a routine that works well for you. Don't be afraid to find new routines because there are some many out there, and this will help reduce any chance of your body becoming accustomed to the workouts.

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Do all movements explosively and fast. When conditioning never take long breaks between each movement. The goal is to keep your heart rate high, and develop explosive contractions.

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