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This first thing you should consider when buying an arm pad, is if you really need it. Football positions that contain a lot of collision and contact may want to consider buying an arm pad. Quarter backs tend not to wear them due to being big and bulky and limiting the range of motion. Running backs and other positions may wear them due to the amount of contact they receive in a game.

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When deciding to buy an arm brace consider trying one at a store before you buy it. Different brands of arm braces will fit differently and you may not like one brand when compared with another.

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The arm pad should fit snuggly against your elbow. It shouldn't be able to move around easily. If it can move easily on and off your elbow, it might move a lot during a game causing discomfort and distraction.

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You game buy arm pads at any sporting good store or online. You may be able to find a better deal online, but make sure you try one on before you by it.

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Try the arm pad on before you buy it. Check for comfort and tightness.

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I never used arm pads in football. Arm pads usually consist of elbow pads with a lot of cushioning.

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