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There are many different types, colors and constructions of mouth guards out there. Ranging from lower jaw mouth guards to upper jaw mouth guards. The lower jaw mouth guard was always a lot better for me at preventing me from biting my tongue when I get hit or from getting any head injuries. Just remember that there will be very cheap mouth guards that come in a little bag and look very simple. The thing with these mouth guards is that they are a very risky buy because they won't due much to protect while you're out there playing hard. The are cheaply made of a simple plastic and have no extra features to them and that is why I always decide to go with the Shock Doctor Gravity 2 lower jaw mouth guard. The first thing you need to establish with buying a mouth guard is if you want one that goes on top of your mouth or bottom. Next you will want to make sure that it is big enough for your mouth.

Step 2

The next step will be to fit your mouth guard to your specific mouth. You can do this by taking it home and boiling a pot of just water. When the water is finally boiled you will want to stick your mouth guard in the water holding it by its long attachment and making sure to not set it down. You will want to leave the mouth guard in the water for 45-60 seconds.

Step 3

Right when you take it out of the water you will want to run it under cold water for 5 seconds and then stick it straight into your mouth and bit down once you have it fit in your mouth the way you want. Bit down on the mouth guard for 10-15 seconds and remove the mouth guard from your mouth. After this, the mouth guard will be all ready to go just for your mouth.

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Make sure to always use the boiling water to fit the mouth guard properly to your mouth. If you don't fit the mouth guard it really isn't going to help prevent any head injuries.

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I have been playing hockey for about 15 years now and have had to buy plenty of mouth guards.

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