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Looking good as a dude can be challenging because girls AUTOMATICALLY stereotype you as being intimidating, player, cocky, etc. - we've heard it all, huh? We all know looks are a plus, but let's face it, ever meet a girl who looks stunning, but can't hold a conversation? Well, girls think the same about guys too!

Step 2

Don't Forget Personality: Good looks combined with a good personality can get a guy real far! The most suave guys on campus who take home all the ladies possess both these traits. A good personality can balance out your intimidating looks by making you the perfect storm to get ass! If you have this perfect mix, then capitalize upon your assets by Qualifying to become a Campus Man and use your status to get recognized by girls around campus! Girls see you. Girls get impressed. Its that simple.

Step 3

Look Good with Grooming Basics: Let's start with the basics of how to look good. Appearance is the first thing anybody will notice, and you can tell a lot by someone's appearance. Grooming or "manscaping" is paramount with impressing a girl. Let's focus on the face, make sure you are cleanly groomed, no pedofile mustaches please. And at this point, every young male should own a Philips Bodygroom Shaver. Its the best.

Step 4

Develop Good Looking Skin With a Moisturizer: Keep that skin healthy on your face, true men use Nivea for Men Face Care Revitalizing Lotion.

Step 5

Smell Good: Cologne: Also, don't go overboard on the cologne; you do not want to smell like a French whore house! We recommend Versus By Gianni Versace For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray; plus it looks nice on top of your dresser (ditch the AXE).

Step 6

Look Good With a Good Hairstyles: Also, you can impress a girl with your hair. The trick with hair and impressing a girl is to make it look good without looking like you tried and spent an hour in front of the mirror - GIRLS DO NOT WANT A MAN WHO SPENDS MORE TIME GROOMING THAN THEY DO! Do not walk out of the house looking like one of those tool-bag guido New Jersey f*cks! Girls do not like spiky hair that can pierce a Goodyear tire! So, try this: Redken for Men Texture Putty Outplay.

Step 7

Look Good with Men's Style Basics: Look Good With a Good Shirt: Impressing a girl with your clothes is tricky for most guys, especially if you still think Affliction shirts are cool, I mean really - is it a contest to go to a bar and see who has the most skulls and tribal flames on their shirt? Don't be a tool... Some new styles are out, and are kept simple; girls like to be impressed by simple! Try a military shirt, Hemp Hoodlamb Military Button-Down Long-Sleeve Shirt.

Step 8

Look Good With a Good Belt: Please impress a girl with a simple belt, girls will not be impressed by a Lil Wayne medallion or a big shiny cowboy decal, try this: Kenneth Cole Reaction Men's Waldorf Reversible Leather Belt.

Step 9

Look Good With a Good Pair of Jeans: I know jeans can be a challenge for you men, but impress a girl by not having holes, queer glitter, acid wash, emblems, etc. on your jeans! And, by the way, those real "slim fit" EMO-looking jeans ARE NOT COOL. They were out of fashion before they came in.

Step 10

Look Good With a Good Pair of Shoes: Shoes are easy, please no Chuck Taylor's (unless you like to paint pictures of men and drive a hybrid). We all know how girls love shoes, so to impress a girl go with the right shoe. You can not go wrong with a pair of Steve Maddens. To impress a girl you can either roll with a casual style, Steve Madden Men's Mamoth Sneaker , or dress - Steve Madden Men's Exyte Slip On . Build a collection of shoes, when a girl sees you have a lot in your wardrobe she will be very impressed. And, please pitch all your old torn up shoes, keep maybe one pair for hiking, painting, yard work, but leave it somewhere hidden! The last thing a girl wants to see after a one night stand when she is looking for a shirt to throw on is a pair of dingy sneakers staring her down.

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If you are into looking good and taking care of yourself, you are the type of guy who would thrive as a Campus Man. Girls like guys who look good. Shooting a photo that is required to Create a Profile on Campus Men is an awesome chance to look your best. Wear your best shirt, perfect hair and be clean shaven. Make sure you look good enough - so that when girls see you on, they want to meet "that guy."

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