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The first step to buying a pair of football gloves is deciding what kind of performance you want out of your gloves. Each position has a different kind of glove. For instance a wide receiver uses a lighter, stickier pair of gloves where a lineman uses heavily padded gloves with little to no stickiness. So, keep this in mind when buying gloves. I would recommend any wider receiver of defensive back to buy the same gloves with a lot of stickiness. Lineman and linebackers should use lightly padded and sticky gloves since their position requires both.

Step 2

Second you should measure your hand so it can be properly fitted for the glove. Measure your hand with a tape measure or ruler, and bring these measurements to the store or for an online purchase. You want your gloves to have a snug fit but not to tight because this might make them tear in the seams easier.

Step 3

Finally, I would recommend trying the glove on before you buy it. You don't want to wear anything that is uncomfortable during a game. Buying a glove to large can cause discomfort and so can to tight of a glove.

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Comfort is key and so is quality. Make sure your gloves fit before you buy them.

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I first started using football gloves my senior year of high school football. I got them because I was getting tired of having my hands and fingers being smashed.

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