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Since your a running back, its very important to determine which type of cleats best suit your running style. There are three types of cleats that you would be able to choose from. One type is low cut cleats, the other are mid cut cleats, and the last option would be high top cleats. Each type of cleat can serve its own purpose for each athlete.

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Many running backs prefer to buy mid cut cleats due to the added ankle support they can provide. Other running backs often choose a low cut cleat due to the light weight nature it provides. High top cleats aren't very popular due to how heavy and bulky they tend to be. These can really slow a running back down. Keep this into mind when purchasing a pair of cleats. I would recommend the mid cut cleats because they are both light weight, and provide ankle support so you get the best of both worlds.

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When you are buying cleats try them on before your purchase them. Especially playing running back, you going to want a small amount of room for your feet to slide and roam in when making cuts in a game. Don't buy cleats that are to small, this will cause a lot of discomfort and leaving a nagging pain.

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You should also be very aware of the type of cleats that are placed onto the bottom of the cleat. They are two types of cleats. Detachable, and molded are the only types of cleats that are placed on the bottom of the shoe. Detachable cleats can be removed and be replaced when broken. You can different sizes of the cleats for different playing surfaced. Molded cleats are built into the bottom of the shoe so they can't be replaced easily. I would recommend a running back to buy molded cleats due to light weight nature they can provide.

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Cleats are generally made the same from brand to brand. The materials are generally the same for each product. It's really more of a personal preference of what brand, and type of cleat you purchase. Some cleats cost more than others due to a higher amount of technology used in the cleat. The really light weight cleats cost a lot more, but improve speed and quickness a lot more.

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Sizing is very important! make sure that the cleat fits correctly before buying it.

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Cleats are very important and relative to any position in the game of football. I have always used mid cut cleats just for the extra ankle support. It's more of a personal preference towards the type of cleats individual athletes prefer to wear.

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