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Neck pads are usually used when a football player has injured his or her neck. These are also used to help prevent any reoccurring injury that a football player may inhibit.

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Football neck pads are placed underneath the shoulder pads to help support the neck when flexed in a backwards motion. They are generally made form very stiff foam or plastic materials.

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When purchasing a neck pad you should properly size it to your pair of shoulder pads. When sizing a neck pad it should fit snuggly between the neck hole of the pads. It shouldn't be too small or too big. It should rest perfectly towards the back of the shoulder pad. If a neck pad is to large it will create discomfort and slid around and be useless. Also keep note that foam constructed neck pads tend to get damaged much more easily than a hard plastic neck pad. Plastic neck pads generally cost more and can be harder to find, but are worth the extra money and time.

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Neck pads can be commonly found around any sporting good store or online. They are very common around football and used quite frequently.

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Sizing is very important and is needed to gain the proper comfort and support.

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I have never used a neck pad or neck role. I personally think they don't help and could be avoided by using proper tackling technique.

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