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Bicep pads can be easy and generally nice to have. They increase protection around the elbow and bicep region of the arm. They are most commonly made from very thin material with a large padding area around the elbow and mid bicep portion of the arm. Most companies generally produce the same value of pads and are very close in pricing between brands. Purchasing the more expensive pad may not be in your best interest.

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The first step to purchasing a bicep would be to try it on before purchasing it. The pad should fit tightly enough so it doesn't easily come off during a game or practice. Purchasing a pad that is to loose may result in discomfort and possible tearing of the pad. It is quite common for these pads to tear and may find your self having to buy more than one.

Step 3

Purchasing a pad can be very easy. Any sporting good store more than likely sells them. Many online stores sell them as well. Shopping around helps to finding a cheaper buy between different brand types. Its also very important to try on the product before you buy it. Purchasing a pad blindly isn't a very smart choice.

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Sizing is important and should be held very highly. Never buy a pad that is too small. This increases the possibility for tearing and discomfort.

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