Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Weightlifting Gloves for You

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During heavy lifts, both men and women can benefit from special weightlifting gloves and straps that aid grip and stability, protect against callouses, and keep the bar from slipping when hands become sweaty.

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Constant crunching and meshing mean these gloves and straps take lots of abuse. So, quality is important. Cheap versions may not hold up under constant use.

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Gloves come in leather or man-made fabric. Leather is more durable and holds up longer, but can get stinky from sweat. Those fashioned of man-made fabric will not last as long, but are easier to keep clean.

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Gloves with padded and anti-slip palms that flex freely offer the most comfort. More expensive ones have silicone gel in the palms.

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The most important feature of either leather or man-made gloves is stitching. Gloves that are double-stitched wear longer.

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Some gloves come with straps that wrap tightly around the wrists and provide additional support while lifting.

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Although most gloves are “fingerless” for easy on and off, full gloves work well for muscle-ups and ring exercises since they protect thumbs and allow a better grip.

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Straps are an alternative to gloves that are preferred by many weightlifters. Straps are great for rows and deadlifts and all pulling weights.

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An alternative to gloves and straps are “sleeves” that are form fitted to all size Olympic bars or dumbells and help increase grip strength without constricting the hands.

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Applying a set of Fat Gripz will also help increase grip strength. They fit on bars of all sizes.

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Many gloves cost less than $25. They are a good investment for beginners and a must for veteran weightlifters.

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Make sure you order the correct size and style for your hands and workout routine.

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Selecting a weightlifting glove with double stitching is most important! Styles with double stitching last longer!

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