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First I would consult a doctor and determine if you have a ankle problem or not. If you are an athlete with bad ankle problems I would highly recommend a ankle brace. Ankle braces can help give your ankles support in a variety of different sports.

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When buying an ankle brace you should decide which sport you will be wearing this brace for. Basketball and football players commonly wear these to help them cut on the ankle joint. There are a variety of different braces with both weight, and structure features. For contact sports, I would recommend buying a brace with more support. These may weigh more but will be more beneficial. Light weight braces can be used in sports such as basketball or soccer. These light weight braces will give support and won't be as bulky around your feat.

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Try a variety of braces on to find the brace that fits right. You want the brace to fit very snug around your ankle and not slide or move around. Also keep in mind that the ideal brace won't allow your ankle to move.

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Remember what sport this brace will be used for. They are very common in football and basketball. Buy a brace with the right purpose. Don't buy a brace that is lightweight and thin for football. Fit your brace properly for the best results

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I have never used ankle pads in high school. I was one of the lucky athletes who never encountered ankle problems.

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