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The first step in learning how to block is to get into a proper stance. To get into a proper blocking stance you need to be in an athletic stance. Have your feet shoulder width apart and sink your hips. Your feet shouldn't be very wide and far apart. When you sink your hips, imagine yourself sitting in a chair slightly bent forward.

Step 2

Once you get into your stance the next step is too find your hand placement. Your hands should be placed at chest height with your elbows in. Never have your elbows out, always keep then in and tight to your body.

Step 3

Once you have learned these two steps practice using them from your position in football. For example if your an offensive linemen, practice getting into the blocking position from a three point stance. If you a receiver you can practice this from standing straight up and lowering into the stance.

Step 4

Once you feel comfortable you should practice finishing the block. By finishing the block, you stay low in your stance and drive with your feet. When blocking don't take long hard strides. Instead chop your feet in short choppy steps, continuing to "pump" your feet. You can practice blocking against a teammate or opponent.

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Just remember to stay low and keep your elbows in. That's were most of your power will come from. Once you have made contact with the opponent pump your feet. Many football players think that taking long hard strides develops more power, but in many cases this is false. Always remember that the low man wins. If you get to high in your stance, you won't generate enough power to the ground.

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I remember the first time I got hit really hard. I had snot bubbles coming out of my nose and my head was ringing.

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The first practice I can recall from my peewee days, was learning how to block. Every position needs to know how to block. You never know when your going to have use it. Football is a contact sport usually the only person on the offense that doesn't block is the quarterback.

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