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You can buy a multiple of different types of football blocking sleds. The most common type that football programs buy are usually a 5 dummy or 1 dummy sled. These sleds are very portable especially the one man dummy sled. This sled could be used in your back yard and easily stored in a shed or garage.

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There isn't much of a difference when comparing and contrasting the two sleds. The only different is the 5 dummies on the larger sled. At times its very beneficial to have both on a practice field. I would highly recommend buying both a 5 man dummy sled and a 1 man dummy sled. Both sleds are constructed from metal. I have never seen a dummy sled built or constructed from wood or any other materials.

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The five man dummy sled is great for group work, while the one man dummy is ultimately for position or individual work. One man dummy sleds are much more portable than the 5 man.

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You can purchase football sleds online or some sporting goods stores. They are very hard to come by at sporting goods stores so purchasing a sled online is probably the best route to take.

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All sleds are constructed the same and basically have the same principles in mind. Shopping around online would be a good idea to compare prices, and the quality of the sled. Since they are built from metal and heavy padding be ready for a heavy load to arrive. When putting these sleds together it may also take more than 1 individual to fully set up the sled.

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Keep in mind that these sleds weigh a decent amount so shipping on them might be quite a bit of money. I have never bought one so I'm not sure where to expect the shipping price to be.

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Blocking sleds are used by all sorts of coaches and all ages of people. They are very common to have around the football field.

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