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The bottom line is that being able to catch a ball is very important. Any position on the field should know how to catch properly. There are many drills that you can practice on the field or with a partner in your back yard. All you need is a football and someone to throw you a ball. Its a personal preference to use gloves or not. I would suggest using gloves only for games, this will help when you practice because you won't be tolerant to the gloves in a game.

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This was always one of my favorite drills called the quick snatch. This drill requires a minimum of two people and a football. Decide who will throw the ball, and who will be catching the ball. Standing nearly ten yards apart have the catcher face away from the thrower. The catcher will stand facing away from the thrower waiting for his or her command. The thrower will tell the catcher when to turn around and catch the ball. This may take a few practice attempts to get the timing right but will increase your catching abilities. You can practice this drill over and over until desired.

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Another drill is less complex than the one above. It will still require a minimum of two people to catch and throw the football. In this drill you will both face each other and throw the ball back and fourth. When its your turn to catch the ball, squeeze it firm when you first catch it keeping your hands in the same place. Hold for a count of one-one thousand, and then throw the ball back to your partner. Repeat until your desired amount has been reached.

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I recommend to practice catching without football gloves. Only use gloves it a game to enhance your catching ability. When you don't use gloves in practice it makes it more challenging to catch the ball.

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I played football since fourth grade. Catching can be a vital tool at nearly any position on the football field. If your a skilled position player such as a running back, receiver, quarterback, linebacker, or a defensive back you must be able to catch a ball.

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