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Socks are socks. There is nothing special about them other than they help keep your feet dry and add added cushioning. You should find a pair of socks that you like. There are socks that are made to go above your knees in football, below your calves, and just above the ankles. I always preferred the calf high socks because the knee ones where to high and bulky.

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When buying socks keep in mind of your shoe size. Look on the package to find the shoe size. Make sure the sock fits so you don't buy anything to big or two small.

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You can buy socks that have more cushioning over others. This is a personal preference and is up to your opinion. Dry-Fit socks are the best because they keep your feet dry when you sweat. You can buy football socks online or at almost any sporting goods store.

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Buy socks that fit properly. Also try to find socks that are Dry-Fit to help keep your feet dry when sweating.

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I have bought football socks intended for playing football since 8th grade. I just like them when compared to regular socks. They last longer, fit better, and tend not to rip as easily.

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