How to Enter a High School Football Combine

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Step 1

You first need to find where and when combines are located. Combines are located in nearly every state and it is your job to try and find them. Keep note that when searching for a combine that they are generally held in spring months or early summer.

Step 2

You can google various combines and find the date that they will take place. Some combines are much larger then others and you should do as much research on the different combines to find which one suits you best.

Step 3

Once you have found the combine you would like to enter, they may first require you to be cleared by the NCAA. You need to go to the NCAA eligibility website and fill out the information. (This may cost you around 40$. You may be able to go to your schools counselors and ask for a small scholarship if you are eligible to receive one.)

Step 4

Once you have passed the NCAA clearing house print the information and send an email to the combine. This way you have two copies. Make sure you bring the printed copy just in case.

Step 5

You will next need to register for the combine online, or on paper if they require it. Most combines cost some amount of money to attended. The amount of money should be stated somewhere on the combines website.

Step 6

Conclude this process with finishing any other information that needs to be reported. (This may include personal information like position played, and your home address, things in that nature.) The final step is to prepare yourself for the combine at top psychical shape. Once you have registered for the combine I would immediately start training and preparing for the combine.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Report all information. Be sure to bring your printed copy of the NCAA clearing house form.

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I entered my first combine at the end of my junior year.

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