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The first step to doing a rugby conditioning workout is deciding which type of conditioning workout is best. For instance if you play full back you would traditionally run and cover a large distance on the pitch. Like wise a prop wouldn't need an extreme amount of cardio conditioning to preform well at their positioning. Lets keep in mind that this is rugby and conditioning is critical at every position. The type of conditioning should depend on the position you play.

Step 2

Once you have decided your position you need to consider exactly how much running and cardio should be done. Its a common mistake to think weight lifting as conditioning. Weightlifting is an entirely different form or conditioning. To do a rugby conditioning drill you need to run. Your running distance should be decided on the position you play. If you play fullback you should run longer than a prop for instance.

Step 3

There are different methods of conditioning that you can peruse. There is your traditional running or interval training. Traditional running consist of a moderate jog for a duration of desired time. This works good but isn't always the best to get in shape.

Step 4

I would highly recommend interval training. Interval training consists of running near maximum efforts for a short period of time or distance, for a given duration. For example you sprint 100 meters and give yourself a 30 second break. Say you repeat this cycle for 10 minutes. Not only does interval training burn more calories, fat, and improve cardiac endurance, its simply more fun and enjoyable when compared to traditional running.

Step 5

Whatever method you decide to do is up to you. I would recommend doing both. You can change it up once and a while with interval training and jogging. You can make up so many different workouts for interval training its insane. You can go on the web to find a vast amount of different intervals to work at.

Step 6

Just do something to get better at rugby. Either or will condition you when done correctly.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Change your interval training weekly. Run at different distances and for a different period of time.

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I have recently started rugby within the last year and absolutely love it! Conditioning is huge for anyone playing the sport if they wish to play at there top ability.

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