How To Do a Football Speed Training Workout

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To do a speed training workout you need to establish 2 things. Keeping your heart rate high and developing speed. To get faster you need to get leaner and develop explosiveness and continue to develop your fast twitch muscles.

Step 2

So how can you do a speed workout while keeping your heart rate up? You need to keep your rest periods short between your sets. To do a speed workout you should either include sprints, or agility movements.

Step 3

A general speed workout consist of sprinting. Here is a great example of a speed workout. First measure 100 meters and place a cone or other object at both ends of the length. The workout will consist of starting slow and building up your speed. From the zero to the half way mark build speed. Once you reach the halfway mark you should be at full speed and sprint through the finish line. Its that simple, this is also very effective.

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Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Just run hard and fast. Switch up your workouts from time to time. Many can be found online.

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I have been doing speed workouts since my first day of high school football.

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