How to Find a Good Hair Stylist for Guys

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So, in choosing a stylist, you want to find somebody who is going to work with you, your overall body shape, head shape, your hair texture. They are going to take all that into consideration. And they are going to give you something that you can recreate.

Step 2

Most hairstylists in good salons will give you a consultation for free, just by asking for it. You say, "I want to come in, meet you, talk about what you would like to do with my hair." And then make an appointment.

Step 3

That way, they know you are going to make an appointment. You know that they only have 15 minutes that day to talk to you, so you are not going to get a haircut that day. But the fact that they are willing to sit down and talk to you and plan it out.

Step 4

Consultations typically are free and the advice is invaluable. The advice that you will get from them. You will get to know that person, and you will know if you want them to cut your hair or not, really. If they have some great ideas.

Step 5

Never choose your haircut by price. Build a relationship with the hairdresser, so that you can drop in and get some advice from them, have them clean you up around the ears a little bit. If it costs a little bit more, its your image. Its your image. Its the first things everybody sees. And hair is just as important as your arms and everything else. Hair is just as important as all the other stuff.

Step 6

Having a good hairdresser is very important, too. Someone you trust. Someone you like. The most expensive one isn't always the best. The one who has the most time for you and who answers your questions is the best.

Step 7

I don't want to discount all $6 hair cutters. I call them $6 hair cutters. Some of those guys are at Great Clips rock because they do four haircuts an hour. And they get used to that rhythm and they can quickly look at someone and get it done, but you have really got to choose the hairdresser very carefully.

Step 8

You have got to get to know that person, make sure they are listening to you. And that is probably the most important thing: make sure they are listening to you. If you get he sign they are not, feel free to get up and leave. Any time somebody is doing bad things to your hair, get up and leave. There is always a little bit of fear, especially with a new hair cutter. Of course.

Step 9

Should you take anything in with you to the consultation? Some hairdressers don't like photos and some do like photos. But you can take in a photo of Owen Wilson and say "I like where this hits him on the neck. I like where it hits him in the eyes here. I like this softness around..." And they will understand and be able to translate it to your hair texture, your hair color. You can tell them that you are not looking for his color. So, can even state "I know my face is different from his, but that is the effect that I am going for." Maybe they will throw your picture away or laugh at you. Chances are they won't. No, they typically will not.

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Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Never choose a hair stylist based on cost.

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