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Step 1

[College Student] And, The same with abs? [Personal Trainer] Abs are little bit different. They have much more fast twitch fibers so they need a longer time to recover in between bouts of exercise. People have been successful in training them as frequently as 4-5 days per week, but a... perfect example: Cindy Crawford, if you remember her when she was really popular, on the late show interview she said that she did 1000 crunches a night. she told Leno or Letterman or sombody like that. And if you look us in the stomach, while you saw stomach that was flat, but you didn't see the slightest hint of a little bit of ab definition. She was lean, but she had no muscularity. Her abs were basically just blatantly overtrained. And if she...

Step 2

[College Student] just because there are flat? [Personal Trainer] Well, you'd be you be able to see a defined six pack and those abs were well-developed. They were very underdeveloped from being overworked. And that's not the rut that I would like to have you to fall into, because you can really get their, you can train your abs and over again and if I look your abs again in a year, they're going to look exactly the same. And we want them to develop and grow, along with every other body part. The erectus abdominis is a very very flat muscle and it doesn't grow out. The cuts just get deeper.

Step 3

[College Student] Like, Deeper? [Personal Trainer] Absolutely. In a way it grows in. So, you can do no wrong following...

Step 4

[College Student] That is a fear of mine also. Training abdominals training with weight. Because like I know offensive linemen, like, they have huge stomachs. [Personal Trainer] They're just fat.

Step 5

[College Student] No but they're like solid though. [Personal Trainer] they store all their fat viscerally on the inside. There's still fat.

Step 6

[College Student] I don't know. I'm sure you're right, it just, I had always thought, like I see Georgia Tech offensive linemen, like I talk to and stuff, like I get like tips from them, like their stomachs are huge and their solid, but... [Personal Trainer] they're just Fat.

Step 7

[College Student] there is no definition, but it's Like, I wonder if it's just fat? [Personal Trainer] Nope. just body fat. The erectus abdominis is not capable of growing out, only stuff inside here can push it out, whether it's on top of your skin, subcutaneous, or not subcu, if its visceral, it's still all body fat. So, no concerns there.

Step 8

[College Student] Yeah. [Personal Trainer] And, using that same argument. Training your abs everyday, you should be looking like you're pregnant by now. You've been training them so much, right?

Step 9

[College Student] Yeah, but I didn't use weight, like... [Personal Trainer] I see what you're saying. [College Student] Yeah. [Personal Trainer] Well, any muscle group with a large preponderance of fast twitch fibers needs to be trained with weight.

Step 10

[College Student] So, I need to use way with my abs? [Personal Trainer] Would you train your biceps without weight?

Step 11

[College Student] I guess not. [Personal Trainer] Well, then I wouldn't train your abs without weight. [College Student] Okay.

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