How Does Microdermabrasion Work?

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[Aesthetician]: So, what I'm seeing on your skin is what, is not really serious acne. What you have is our clogged pores. You have a little bit of a larger pore. And the best treatment for your type of skin is what we call micro-dermabrasion. I'm going to step out and get that machine and then I'm going to talk all about it and how it works.

Step 2

[Aesthetician]: It's going to feel sort of like a cat licking your face. It's not really painful. A little irritating. What's happening right now are little crystals that are scalpel sharp are going across the skin and I'm getting rid of all that bacteria buildup and really about three days, you shouldn't have a blemish on your face. Does it hurt? [College Student]: No.

Step 3

[Aesthetician]: It's not painful, is it? [Aesthetician]: I also got you on pussy level. I can remove a tattoo with this. [College Student]: No way

Step 4

[Aesthetician]: Yeah. were actually the only salon in the entire Midwest that owns a machine like this. It's usually only sold to plastic surgeons. We can remove like people who have had burns, scarring or weird birthmarking. We work with lots of children, burn patients.

Step 5

Yeah, each one of these treatments is $180. It's your lucky day, buddy.

Step 6

See how that's just lifting his blemishes, all that dead nastiness right off his face?

Step 7

I'm going to calm around to the side of your nose. Please keep your eyes closed. You don't want these crystals in there.

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