How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

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Step 1

[Aesthetician]: So, we have a really full pore on the top of your nose. And actually, this is where you're getting the most congested. I want to explain to you that a blackhead is what's called a closed comedone and by pushing on it, you are never getting it out. You're just going to inflame the pore. That is not dirt. All it is is oil that has come to the surface and the air, the oxygen has oxidized the oil and turned it black.

Step 2

[College Student]: It's oil on top, then what's underneath? [Aesthetician]: that's all it is, it's just trapped oil, that's all blackhead is.

Step 3

[Aesthetician]: so what I'm going to do, is use a sterile lancet, and going to open a pore and relieve that pressure and it will be clean. [Aesthetician]: You're the feel a tiny little poke. This is a sterile lancet. I'm just coming to come into the pore, open it up a little bit, and this is an extractor and it's got a push on the poor evenly from all sides. And I'm going to get that right out. Feel little bit of pressure. Good.

Step 4

[Aesthetician]: There it goes. Now it's all on the end of my needle. I'm going to have you turn your head to the side a little bit. It's now this is a little weird feeling. I'm going to press on the sides of the nose and relieve some of those out of there. [Aesthetician]: Good. Done. The good news is that all that clogging is out. We got a good one sitting right over here on the side. And it looks like you've already done a little bit of home surgery. But you're not going to do that anymore, right?

Step 5

[College Student]: Right. [Aesthetician]: So, this is what's called an open comedone. Its when it gets a whitehead. All it is his plus that surfaced to the top because the bacteria is called an infection. But all you want to do is if you and take care of it at home... [Aesthetician]: Good, see it all came right out.

Step 6

[Aesthetician]: If you're gonna go take care of it at home, you won't wrap your fingers in a warm washcloth, and you just sort of want to wiggle on either side of the pore. don't just push. Okay? Or you're just spreading it. [College Student]: Just wiggle around it?

Step 7

[Aesthetician]: just wiggle around it and it's going to make it come straight out. What you want to get is that little hard seed out of the skin, not just the plus. Okay let's check this one right here. [Aesthetician]: Got one nice and full right here. It probably hurts a little bit doesn't? When I push?

Step 8

[College Student]: Yeah. [Aesthetician]: So, I'm just going to alleviate the pressure by opening the pore. Wouldn't recommend you use a sterile needle at home because you're probably not getting it sterile. [Aesthetician]: And then by applying pressure all the way around, I just got all that your skin for you.

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