How Personal Trainers Conduct A Diet Evaluation

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Step 1

[Personal trainer] We talked a little bit about your diet early on and I mentioned that its fundamental to busting yourself out of a training rut. Your diet has got to be right. Just briefly describe to me what you're doing in terms of your nutrition, up to this point. [Nik] Well, I could be doing a lot more, I say that. [Personal trainer] I'm sure we all can.

Step 2

[Nik] As far as breakfast, it's usually goes like a bowl of cereal, maybe a piece of fruit, then I'll have a half a serving of Muscle Milk. That's about it. [Personal trainer] Now you're eating in a residence hall, yes? So...

Step 3

[Nik] yes. [Personal trainer] Do they have the same thing every day? Or what is the menu like in terms of consistency and availability of foods that you would think you need to build mass?

Step 4

[Nik] Well, they always have like eggs. I know eggs have protein. [Personal trainer] Absolutely.

Step 5

[Nik] They always got cereal. That's, I'm sure that's like junk food. We don't want that. [Personal trainer] Well, not necessarily. Oatmeal?

Step 6

[Nik] Oatmeal. They have that, yeah. [Personal trainer] We can use that.

Step 7

[Personal trainer] But, before we go into the nuts and bolts of what they have and what we are gonna have you do, just kind of run down through breakfast lunch and dinner. Typically. [Nik] Okay, for breakfast it's a quick bowl of cereal, a piece of fruit.

Step 8

[Nik] Lunch, maybe a sandwich, with a just like, piece of meat on it. [Personal trainer] sure. Typical deli sandwich.

Step 9

[Nik] Bag of chips with it, then a drink, soda pop. [Personal trainer] Sure. [Nik] Then, for dinner, there'd be about I guess any main course like chicken, steak, hamburger.

Step 10

[Personal trainer] Well, that's good. [Personal trainer] Followed by any kind of vegetables or desserts or anything like that? [Nik] A lot of times I get some kind of vegetable, at least two servings, like for dinner.

Step 11

[Personal trainer] Okay, now how about in between meals. Do You have meals that you consider as snacks in between meals and then secondly, what types of supplements are you using? [Nik] As far as snacks, like I'll eat them all the time, like it's pretty much like potato chip and as far as supplements, like I use Muscle Milk, the collegiate kind and like I said I take half a serving in the morning and have a serving like at night.

Step 12

[Personal trainer] Excellent. Products thereby the way. Do You take that with skim milk or just water? [Nik] Usually I take it with water, but sometimes I take it with 2% milk. [Personal trainer] Great. Great.

Step 13

[Nik] Before I workout, I use and no-xplode, and that seems to like help. [Personal trainer] It's a great product. How do you like it?

Step 14

[Nik] I think it helps. Like even know I haven't been getting, I like I've stayed at a constant 160, or around there, I can lift more, like I can curl more. Like I ever could.

Step 15

[Personal trainer] Will fantastic, as long as it's working for you from that standpoint. As far as supplements go, I think it's very important for me to clarify that supplements are just that: they are supplements to everything else you should be doing already and as far as and NO-Xplode, Muscle Milk is just food - there is a fine line between what a true supplement is and a supplement in terms of food. Muscle Milk is definitely part of your regular nutrition, the way you've incorporated it into your current diet. As far as NO-Xplode, I would have to say, just based on your progress, or lack thereof, the next year, or last year, rather. Deep six it. If it were that great, you'd be at 170 pounds and not 160 and talking to me right now.

Step 16

[Nik] Really? [Personal trainer] It's a great product, but I think it's very very important for me to hammer home that it's a supplement and it's supplementing something that's not there. So, for in order for us to address that, this might have to go, for cost effective reasons.

Step 17

[Nik] OK. [Personal trainer] Now let me go over what I would have you do based upon what you have told me. I have a copy of basically everything you have told me with your diet here.

Step 18

[Personal trainer] for breakfast, you're in a residence hall, you have plenty of access to eggs. Starchy carbs, in terms of serial, or oatmeal. In terms of oatmeal, you have available to you Nick, what type of oatmeal is it?

Step 19

[Nik] I'm not sure if it it's like actual oatmeal, its like granola type cereal. [Personal trainer] Okay, well good enough.

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