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Step 1

Stylist: So, you have some hair goals? Nik: Yes, I do. That's why I have a hat on actually. A lot of the guys I see on campus have really short hair and I was going to try something new. Kind of medium length. Owen Wilson, kind of. And right now it is in that intermediate phase. So, that's why I have a hat on. Doesn't look too good. I am not sure what to do with it right now. What tips of advice could you give me to get there?

Step 2

Stylist: You are going to grow half an inch per month from the time it starts growing until where it gets to where you want it to be. And that is... Nik: Probably the length to a collared shirt, maybe?

Step 3

Stylist: And to get there, you don't want to not get your hair cut at all. But, you want to make sure you get a good hair dresser to talk you through what you need to do. To keep you trimmed up around the edges. And keep all the bad ends off. And eventually you will end up layering it and getting a good cut in there. At this point my advice would be, to start layering it now. Just get your shape going now. No perming. Good products, of course. Maybe a little bit of color, although I think this lighter color will be taken off with a little bit of cutting. Don't be afraid of the hair cutter if he is good. And don't run into a cheap place and get a bad haircut just because you think you need it. But, I would cut it a little bit now, and continue with the growth process. With your cheekbones, keeping the sides right there, with the ears, so you can still see the ear. Keeping the bangs right at the eyes. And get that bottom a little bit longer.

Step 4

Nik: So, you think the ears should be not covered? Stylist: No. I think the hair should definitely show the ear a little bit. And with the wave and the flips that you have in there, it would certainly work.

Step 5

Nik: As far as my face, Stylist: Your face structure and will lend itself to this kind of longer, shaggier look.

Step 6

Nik: Is it compatible? I know guys with round faces... Stylist: They have to avoid certain cuts with that.

Step 7

Nik: And my facial shape... Stylist: Its kind of angular and more square. very easy to work with. It will work with almost anything. Keeping all this long, will compliment that nicely.

Step 8

Nik: What kind of layers? There are different kinds of layers? Stylist: There are two kinds of layers. Nik: What kind does Owen Wilson have? Stylist: His are probably done with a razor. A straight razor. Razored out. Kind of shattered at the ends. Instead of so blunt.

Step 9

Nik: Yeah, because his are wispy, I noticed that. Stylist: Yah, with that whole head of hair wispy. Nik: So, you would achieve that look with a razor. Stylist: Yes, with a razor and the right angles. It will eventually get out of shape.

Step 10

Nik: It looks flat right now, because of the hat. I wouldn't need like a perm or anything to add volume, would I? Stylist: No, not at all. Nik: The layers would do that?

Step 11

Stylist: Products will add volume. Layers will add volume. Drying technique will add volume. Do you use a blow dryer at all? Nik: Yes, I blow dry it everday. Like Tresseme, heat protection. Sylist: Heat protection, that's great, to give it some support.

Step 12

Nik: Like, I use conditioner once a week. Leave it in. Stylist: A leave-in once a week? Great. Keeping all those in is very good.

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