How To Shave With Acne

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Step 1

[Aesthetician]: You feel how little pressure I'm using? [Aesthetician]: When you're in the shower, because it looks like you get pretty sensitive from shaving. Are you using a wet razor or dry? Do you do an electric razor or razor razor.

Step 2

[College Student]: Razor razor. [Aesthetician]: Okay good. When you're in the shower, you want to go ahead and wash the body. Then you're going to apply the Scrub. You feel how that doesn't feel sharp at all?

Step 3

[College Student]: Yeah. [Aesthetician]: Then you feel, I'm going in circular motions, going upward. And what that's going to do is lift all those little hairs out of the face. After you left this on for about two minutes, because it's sort of like making bread. You know how if you used yeast you have to use warm water, because that's what creates the yeast to be active. It's the same thing with enzymes. So, leaving it on in the shower, is what's going to cause them to digest more dead matter. So, I'm actually going to apply a steam towel over this for a second, sort of giving the same idea of a shower.

Step 4

Once you leave this own in the shower for about two minutes or so, you want to rinse it clean and then in the shower, apply your Shave Cream of choice.

Step 5

Now, what I like, and what I think gives the best results are gel products. Not foam products. Foam products tend to clog your razor. Then you're not getting a clean shave.

Step 6

You also make sure your rinsing your razor after each stroke. And, really to be safe, you should change your razor every about two shaves. I know that's expensive, but when you're having an acne issue, that razor is going to contain a lot of bacteria and you're actually just spreading the bacteria on your face every time you shave. [College Student]: Oh, okay.

Step 7

[Aesthetician]: So, you notice, that like right now if I could show you your skin is all pinked up and it's got a little bit of color to it. That's because the Enzymes caused Microcirculation. And all that means is we've got the blood vessels to be active. That's a good thing. so, now what you do is in the shower, just apply your shave cream.

Step 8

Always shave in the direction of the hair growth. This hair grows down. You shave down. If you against the grain, you're going to cause folliculitis. That's just a big term for the little bumps you get from shaving. And what folliculitis means is that you've not gotten the haircut cleanly. So, it's turned around and it started to grow back in on your skin. After you've shaved in the shower, you want to use a product to sort of close the pore system back down. A lot of the products on the market contain a really high level of alcohol and they burn when you apply them. That's not doing anything but stripping your skin. And there's a big fancy word for it it's called your Hydrophyllic film. And it's what protects your skin from the environment, from bacteria and sort of regulates your oil production. When you strip it, your body is not smart enough to know that you did that on purpose. So, what do you suppose it does?

Step 9

[Aesthetician]: If you made a dry, what's it going to do? [College Student]: It would produce oil.

Step 10

[Aesthetician]: Absolutely. And more and more oil. So, every time you use it, in essence you're making yourself oiler. The best products out on the market as a product called Tend Skin. Tend skin. And you can get that on their website and it's got a keep all these little hairs razor bumps from happening any time you shave. You apply it directly after showering.

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