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[Aesthetician]: Okay, are you doing any kind of exfoliation? [College Student]: Not really.

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[Aesthetician]: There are different ways to exfoliate the skin. The most gentle one would be a facial scrub. Now the problem with, what we would call natural scrubs, which is the big deal right now, organic, natural products; like anything with apricot kernels and it, is that those kernels have sharp, hard edges and they are actually causing an abrasion, or cut on your skin. If I were to look like you under a magnifying lamp, it would look like Freddy Krueger washed your face. Of course, if the skins open, that's a direct pathway for bacteria to enter and cause more blemishes.

Step 3

You want to look for a scrub that has jojoba spears. That's jojoba. Spelled jojoba, but it's jojoba. and they'll be completely round, so they can't tear the skin.

Step 4

You also wants stuff that has a product called enzymes. And they're usually made from pineapple and papaya and on the actual ingredient list it will say a papain and bromelain.

Step 5

Okay, Nik I just need you to keep your eyes closed. This is one of the products that we create here. Actually everything in our salon are products that I created myself.

Step 6

You really want to look for stuff that doesn't have any alcohol, any mineral oil or any fragrance. Now if you take a sniff that what I've got on me, it's got a lot of smell. That's mainly because we've used this pineapple and papaya enzymes and they help exfoliate the skin. They're sort of like Pac Man. they're going to digest the dead skin. They actually exist off of the dead matter. So, instead of forcing the skin with an acid to exfoliate, they're going to digest the dead skin.

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