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What Nik just did here for his abs was an exercise I call the reverse crunch. Just like the regular crunch, you're taking the other end of the torso rather than your shoulders, and crunching it off the bench.

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The advantage to this exercise is that it isolates the lower abs more than any other thing you can do in the gym. All you need is a bench press to do it. You hold on with your hands behind your head. And you execute the movement by coming a couple inches off the bench and then back down to the tailbone.

Step 3

With Nik we actually supersetted with another version of just the conventional crunch, the bench press crunch as I call it, where he just grabbed a loaded bar, locked out and used that as resistance just to crunch his shoulder blades up off the bench. The advantages to these exercises over conventional ab equipment that you see in the gym is isolation. You are assured that you train just the erectal abdominal wall, and nothing else. Many other ab movement: the hips are involved and the recruitment you get of the rectus abdominis is just a bonus, if that. Here, you can rest assured that you felt like you've been kicked in the stomach when you're done each and every set, which is the goal with any ab exercise.

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The two abdominal exercises that are part of this ab program: Bench Press Crunch Reverse Ab Crunch

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