How To Visit A Day Spa For Men

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Guys are always asking about skin care and acne. So, we talked one of our featured students into visiting a day spa.

Step 2

So, Nik, do you think the average college guy could benefit from visiting a day spa like this? [Nik] Yeah, I think if the guys actually, if they come out of their shell and they go to a spa, yeah it's going to benefit them.

Step 3

What would your friends say if they knew you visited a day spa? [Nik] They's laugh at me. But ah, I mean who cares. I look better I think.

Step 4

Most surprising thing to come from Nik's visit... He thought the relaxation was cool. Relation is probably the last thing a college student would consider... [Nik] I like the relaxation. very relaxing. Just the whole thing was just like a fine treatment.

Step 5

How would you describe what you did today to your friends? [Nik] I'd tell them I pretty much, ah I'd be like hey guys I got like a makeover kind of and it felt pretty good.

Step 6

What is one thing you learn from the skin care technician? [Nik] He talking about um, like facial care. For example, um ah like how to effectively remove a like an open - what is it - a whitehead. You would apply pressure like all around it and push it out rather than just on both sides where that would spread it. Like further the infection. They use something called a micro abrasion which um it's like you can't get that the store obviously. You have to go somewhere. So, like it's a professional thing.

Step 7

You think you might visit a spa again? [Nik] I, Yeah definitely.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Should you visit a day spa? Maybe if you want to get the ladies... You can either try to fix your acne on your own, or spend a little money to make your face look better ...and therefore attract more girls.

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