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Today I wanted to talk about ways to talk about bodybuilding to make it appealing to the opposite sex. Now, I know, we as bodybuilders, it's tough not to talk about it. To us, its everything. You know, We love it. Its our passion. Its the thing that we get up in the morning for.

Step 2

And its probably the first thing we think about. I know Tuesdays, I always do legs, so the first thing I think about when I wake up is: Oh, its Tuesday, its leg day today. So, when you get up in the morning, really that is the first thing you think about: what body part am I working, what exercise should I attempt today. At least that is what it is for me, maybe because I am a little bit of a fanatic. I am hardcore.

Step 3

Anyway, I wanted to talk about how you can make this appealing to the opposite sex. And I think the real way to do this is kind of bring it up casually. If you just meet a girl and you are talking about hobbies and interests, you might want to mention, "Oh you know, I go to the gym and I consider myself a bodybuilder. I lift weights." If she asks questions, you go from there. But, I would not recommend coming off, just going up to a girl and saying "I lift weights, and I bench press 500 pounds, and I am Diesel."

Step 4

You know why? You don't want to come off as that arrogant about it. You want to be low-key. Because what we do is for - us, its an art form. We should be proud, but not arrogant. We should take pride in what we do. We should talk about it, but we should be reasonable on how we discuss it.

Step 5

If a girl, you are talking, you meet a girl and she's talking about how she does dancing or she is a cheerleader, and she is telling you how they go to competitions, and how they perform and the type of shoes they wear, teams they come up with and things like that, just let her explain her thing in detail. Give her the time to talk, if you show interest in what she is talking about, even if, let's face it, you are not paying attention to one thing and you really do not give a f--, you really do not care at all. The best thing is to just listen.

Step 6

That way, when you take center stage, you discuss what you want to talk about. She is at least listening to you when you don't come off sounding like a jerk who doesn't let her speak. You might want to start off by saying, for examples, "Yeah, I go to the gym every day, and I am really committed to bodybuilding and its something that I truly love, I give it my best effort every time I step foot in there." Something to that effect would be perfect. Because if you stay along those lines, you are being humble without being arrogant. I think the key is being humble.

Step 7

Nobody wants to be around somebody who is always bragging, someone who is always talking about how strong they are, how much they can lift, or how great their body is. You want to say the opposite "I take pride in keeping myself in the best shape that I can." Stay humble about it even if in your mind, you know you have the best set of abs in the state. Or you got the sickest back in the gym, or whatever the case may be. Try to stay humble - Try to stay humble. If she starts flirting and saying "You know, I want to see that body of your's, then you can say "Yeah, I don't know if you can handle it." Just go with the flow, but stay humble. I think that is the best approach.

Step 8

Once again, arrogance probably will just turn her off. Make it appealing. You might want to throw in another thing: You might want to say, "You know, if you want, I could show you the ropes, if you are interested, if you ever want to come to the gym."

Step 9

Don't imply that she is fat, that will turn her off. because most women will take that the wrong way. Just say "If you are interested in what I do further," and she really sounds like she is interested in what you are talking about, you can make a suggestion - that suggestion being that "You know, you could come to the gym with me, I could show you the ropes, I will give you a personal training session," (if you are an authorized trainer to do so.) Kind of put the offer out there for her.

Step 10

If she says, "Yeah, I go to the gym too, but I find it monotonous." You might want to give her a tip, "You know, bring your ipod along." Try to just include her in this, just say, if she sounds interested, you just kind of slowly, but surely, reel her in, like you are fishing. "Oh, you know, yeah, we could go train together, I could show you how to do cardio properly, I could give you my ab routine. I know..." whatever you want to do, but just make sure you are being humble and you are not overloading her with this. Slowly but surely, go with the flow.

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Slowly but surely reel her in, go with the flow and let her talk.

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