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Muscle Building success isn't always determined by a certain workout routine, diet, and supplementation. Do not get me wrong, that is a tremendously critical part of the muscle building process. However, there are some parts of muscle building that we just cannot seem to totally excel at no matter how hard we train, how heavy we lift, how many reps we do, and how clean our diets are. This is caused by the role of genetics in muscle building.

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Peak Results: Genetics may play a factor in ultimate peaking results but don't let it discourage you from training. You still build muscle and build a body in which you are truly satisfied with. Genetics contributes not only to the overall muscle building process but through the rate of muscle building as well. If you train hard and consistently with the proper diet, you definitely will eventually build muscle.

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However, you may weight train with a partner. You both may train and diet identically, but your partner may see results in the muscle building process in nearly half the time it takes you to start seeing significant gains. Your partner could naturally have a samatotype that makes it relatively easy for him to build muscle.

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Samatypes: A samatotype is basically the kind of body type you have which is determined by your own personal genes. There are three basic samatotypes. There are mesomorphs, ectomorphs, and endomorphs.

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Mesomorphs: A mesomorph is naturally geared towards being muscular, therefore it will be relatively easy for him to see have gains in the muscle building process.

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Ectomorphs: An ectomorph is mainly someone who is on the slender side and typically has a genetic predisposition to being skinny. People that are very tall are often times categorized as ectomorphs.

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Endomorphs: The endomorph is a person who is geared towards carrying around extra body fat. They typically are known for having a rounder body shape. If you are born with a certain samatotype such as an ectomorph, and you don't like your results, you can improve your physique by building muscle from weight training. You definitely are capable of doing so. It probably will take you longer than a person who is mesomorphic. But if you are persistent and patient, along with possessing a strong commitment towards building muscle and improving your physique, then it will happen.

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The same is to said if you are born an endomorph and you want to improve your physique so you have the confidence to take your shirt off on the beach during spring break and to impress the ladies. You can definitely slim down and pack on some lean muscle mass. It may take endomorphs longer and they may never get down to 4 percent body fat due to the genetic factor involved, but endomorphs quite possibly can achieve the 10-12 percent range which is below average for a man. Therefore putting you on the good side of the fence when it comes to having a body with a decent amount of sex appeal. endomorphs may need to diet twice as hard and do twice the amount of cardio as someone who is Eesomorphic and ectomorphic.

Step 9

Being Realistic Without Getting Discouraged: You have to stay realistic and know that you may never look Jay Cutler or have the strength of a World's Strongest Man competitor. If you work hard and diet correctly, you can defy whatever myth you heard about genetics. If you use the setbacks of genetics as an excuse not to train, then you are a lazy coward and should be sad because who knows just how great you could've been if you just would have done things right. You just need to try and stay consistent long enough. It is pretty much an absolute guarantee that you will see significant results in the muscle building process. You will be able to have pride in the gains you have made and should continue to strive for in building your new physique.

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