How To Gain Muscle Mass For Skinny Guys

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A huge misconception about building muscle mass is that many guys feel they can just eat whatever they please because they simply need to put on weight. They devour doughnuts, cake, fried chicken, pizza, burgers, ice cream, and candy because their philosophy is "Hey, who cares? I'm Bulking Up." That is the most wrong attitude to gaining muscle mass. It shows carelessness and a severe lack of discipline.

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Junk Food is Bad for building muscle mass: If you continue to stack up carelessly on junk food your body will go absolutely nowhere. Don't be mistaken, you will gain weight, but it will not be anabolic. Those extra pounds will be body fat.

Step 3

You must eat good, clean food to support your goal of putting on lean muscle mass. You want to give your body nutrient-dense food that has the required protein, complex carbohydrates, essential fats, vitamins, and minerals to properly nourish and repair muscles so they can grow. An increase in body fat due to the increase in calories is normal. But if you eat correctly, the gain in body fat should be minimal. Giving yourself a weekly cheat meal isn't bad since you are bulking. Just don't go overboard and get sick.

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Grazing while building muscle mass: Whether your goal is to gain muscle mass, cut weight for a competition or look hot on the beach, you need to practice what is called grazing. Grazing involves eating six to eight small or moderately sized meals spread throughout the day. Meals should be preferably spaced 2-3 hours apart.

Step 5

If you are a hard gainer, it might be best to eat every two hours. Someone who is prone to being heavier should eat every three hours. The purpose of this is to keep blood sugar levels in check and keep your metabolism working at an efficient rate. This is how everyone should eat regardless of their personal fitness goals, because the typical three meals a day routine is a huge contributor to obesity in America.

Step 6

These six to eight meals should consist of complex carbohydrates such as brown rice and yams. Generally, most nutritionist advise 60 percent of our diet should come from carbohydrates. That would amount to two grams of carbohydrate per pound of body weight to gain muscle mass.

Step 7

Protein Needs for building muscle mass: When attempting to gain mass you need lean sources of protein such as egg whites, grilled chicken breasts, tuna, turkey breasts and red meat that is at least 90 percent lean. A general rule of thumb for bodybuilders is to consume 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. So, make sure you spread out your protein throughout the day correctly. Your mass gaining diet also must include essential fats for organ support and sex hormone maintenance such as keeping efficient levels of testosterone in men. Avocados, dry almonds and low sodium peanut butter are all excellent sources of essential fats.

Step 8

When to eat while building muscle mass: You should consume the bulk of your carbohydrates and essential fats in the morning to mid afternoon. You want to limit your fat and carbohydrate calories in the evening and night hours set in because you don't want to go to bed and have fat and carbs get stored as excess body fat. Protein should be consumed constantly throughout the day as part of your scheduled meals as long as you are awake. A good tip would be to measure or weigh out your food so you know exactly how much you are getting per meal. Measuring food will allow you to learn a working knowledge of how a mass gain diet works.

Step 9

Incorporate cardio when building muscle mass: Another component that might be the x-factor to stay relatively lean while putting on mass. However, incorporating a little bit of cardio as part of your mass gaining regimen is important too. If you are extremely lean, you may not need to do cardio. A good suggestion would be to do 15 minutes of cardio everyday after you weight train if you are someone who easily packs on body fat. This way you will be able to burn those excess fat calories and the weight you will gain will be lean muscle mass. A good clean diet and a little bit of cardio is the right way to stay lean while putting on mass.

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