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Today I wanted to discuss the topic of ephedra. Now, ephedra has become a rather infamous drug. But, technically, its not really a drug. Its a chinese herb that has been around for 5,000 years that was mainly created to cure people of hay fever and the flu. Now, it also was discovered that it was a stimulant to the central nervous system. And with being a stimulant to the central nervous system, it also becomes a stimulant to the metabolic rate of your body. So, what it does is, it speeds up your metabolism, along with being a stimulant of the central nervous system, is basically what I am saying. Now, because of its metabolic rate increase, many people have started to use this drug to lose weight, to get in shape, to get cut.

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Now, ephedra is extremely effective and I don't think anybody will argue with me on that one. But, it has had its dangers. many people have had heart attacks, severe dizziness, fainting, high blood pressure, and irritability based on ephedra. In some cases, people have died. Now, back in 2001, offensive forward tackle, Cory Stringer for the Minnesota Vikings had died based on heat stroke. However, it was found that he was taking ephedra, which raised a lot of questions to what role ephedra played in his death. Now, I don't know if ephedra really played a direct role in his death with heat stroke, but I know that it could not have helped the situation.

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And a Florida State linebacker in the late 1990's also died using a stimulant product such as like an ephedra type of thing. So, it is something you should keep an eye on. Many athletes have used it. It has now become illegal. And its a salt alkaloid, that is really what it is of an herb. Salt alkaloid herb.

Step 4

And what I suggest most people do is just to stay away from it. Now, it is effective and if you are going to use it, I suggest use it under the proper care. Get it from a physician, and thats about it. Now, most doctors are not going to prescribe this as a weight-loss drug. Legitimately, it might be some in an herb that they suggest you take, but they are not going to suggest this as a weight-loss drug. They are going to tell you diet and exercise, which is the proper way.

Step 5

Ephedra, though, I would take it, honestly, if it was given to me, to be honest with you, I would take it. Only because I know what I am doing. A lot of people don't. But, if you know what you are doing, I would take it. Now, it is illegal, and it is not something I would suggest you go out and find and you try to get black market-wise. But, if I were to get it legally, I would take it properly, and I would not abuse it. I think that is where people screw up because they go overboard and they end up abusing it. And that's just stupid. It's ridiculous. Its retarded. Don't abuse ephedra. You know it has cardiac influence, so don't screw around with that. Because you are messing with your life.

Step 6

I know everybody wants to cut weight. And everybody wants to look good, especially in the summer months, but let's be legit here. Lets be realistic. Is it really worth your life? Is it really?

Step 7

If you are just taking ephedra as an easy way out, I have news for you: nothing works without diet and exercise. Nothing works without cardio and diet. Nothing. Nothing works. So, if you think ephedra is going to be your short-cut, you are sadly, sadly mistaken my friends. Because it won't be. All it will do is speed it up.

Step 8

Yes, it will help and yes, it will make it more effective. But it is not everything. You have to find it in your heart to go out there and make it happen. You cannot rely on ephedra or clenbuterol, which is another illegal weigh-loss drug. You cannot rely on winstrol, You cannot rely on any of those illegal black-market things, or even legal fat-burners with caffeine, and green tea extract.

Step 9

Still, you have to go out and do your job. You can use supplements and legalized drugs that are legal, supplements that are legal, and drugs that are legal, you get legitimately, you can use those things but you cannot be lazy. You got to do it right, and you cannot abuse it. You have to take it one step at a time. And what I mean by abusing is, say you have to lose 20 pounds in four months, and you do not try to do it all in one month, because it will become deadly, especially if you are overdoing it with these products and ephedra. Ephedra is the main one I am talking about.

Step 10

If you are trying to lose 20 pounds in four months, yes, it might be smart to use ephedra if its legal, but if you are are going to do it. You need to do it little by little and don't abuse it. Don't try to do it all at once, because you can seriously run the risk of killing yourself. And that is serious, my friend. That is serious and that is not something you want to mess around with. Because once you die, obviously, there is no coming back. And you do not want to be known as the fat guy or the overweight guy who tried to do it all and too much. You do not want that on your tombstone. You do not want that. You do not want to be remembered as somebody who just didn't want to work hard. You might be willing to work hard, but you don't want to be known as somebody who is known also for being stupid. Don't do these things.

Step 11

Now, I know its sad when there is death, but also, too, you want to go out strong. You want to go out when you are old. You do not want to go out young. Campus men do no want to go out young, all you college guys watching out there. We are young, we are strong, we want to go out when we are 85 years old and we have done everything we have set out to do. We do not want to go out now.

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Be smart. If you are going to use ephedra, use it wisely. Know what it is capable of. Know what can happen. And know what the risks are. Know what you are doing it for. And have a plan, don't abuse it. And if it is illegal, which it is in most states. In know in New York and California, it is illegal. And I thing also too, in Texas as well. If its illegal in any state its in, or even in America, I don't know it might be totally illegal now in all 50 states. Then don't do it. Don't. But if it isn't, then I suggest you proceed with caution. And the second anything happens, either you consult a physician, or you stop. Because you are messing with your life.

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