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Today I wanted to talk about ways to motivate yourself while training. I think the most common way to do that is with music. And music can be very therapeutic and you can kind of use that within the realm of working out and usually people do work out to relieve stress. So, people listen to music also for that reason - to relieve the burden and anxiety and tension they are feeling from their lives.

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So, when you listen to music, you are adding to the enjoyment of your exercise. At least, I believe that anyway. Listening to music is a positive thing because it can also serve as extra motivation. I don't think there is anybody who hasn't been motivated by at least one - listing to the Rocky Soundtrack. Especially the Rocky 4 Soundtrack, which is personally my favorite type of music to listen to while training.

Step 3

Because what that music does; it pushes you. As you go that extra distance, it will make you keep going and going. You might be motivated to train, but hearing that in the background: that beat, those words. You know, hearing the "Eye of the Tiger" is going to give you that little extra incentive that you didn't have before in that case, anyway, using that particular song. But whatever you find motivates you. Some people would be motivated by Hip-Hop. Some people would be motivated by Rock, Metallica, AC/DC - which I also like as well.

Step 4

I don't think you can necessarily rely on your gym to lay good music, because I know a lot of gyms play a lot of disco music and that type of thing. And personally, that will not do me any good when I work out. I need something motivational. Something that is about what I am doing: "Eye of the Tiger" "Heart on Fire" from Rocky 4, something from Journey, maybe even though its not really about lifting, the whole song "Separate Ways" - just the beat and the intensity of the music is almost like very action-oriented or very goal oriented, and that is what working out is.

Step 5

So, to incorporate those things, I consider them to be extra motivation. And if you get that extra incentive, think about it, you can force out that extra rep, that extra set that you would not necessarily be able to do normally because music has the psycho-somatic effect on you. Which is, where because its you are doing it, because you are listening to it, you have it on you, or because you are influenced by it, you are able to do things you would not normally be able to do. It has nothing to do with physical prowess at that point. Really, what it is, is the mental aspect of the motivation coming in and jump-starting you and that extra gear, to get that extra rep or extra set out of you.

Step 6

So, really what I would recommend is, most guys, particularly football players in general, would like to listen to rock, AC/DC, Metallica, Motley Crue, are all great options. Me, I like to stick to the Rocky 4 Soundtrack. Whatever you like, I am sure will work best for you. Just remember, pick something that you like and make sure it is going to help you in a positive way - that its going to improve your workout. You don't want to pick something and necessarily have the same results. I think that music is the best technique.

Step 7

Another technique towards working out is just watching other people and saying "I want to look like that guy." - even though I talked about staying focussed on what you what to do. But sometimes seeing someone else work hard makes you also want to work hard. So, just kind of keep your eyes open, I am really not going to go into details with that. But, if there is somebody who is doing something in the gym, that's bench pressing 400 pounds, is about to squat 800, and he is repping it out, he's going determined he is going to get to 6, his spotter is pulling him up, but he is screaming because he wants that last rep, those things are also good to use for your own motivation because seeing someone else do good, sometimes motivates somebody to push themselves beyond what they know, beyond what they think they are capable of. So, anyway, stick with music and just keep your eyes open.

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Don't just pick any music. Choose music that is aligned to exercise and achievement.

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