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Today, I wanted to talk about the ever-so-controversial topic of one human growth hormone, known to most people as HGH. Now recently, New England Patriots strong safety Rodney Harrison has been suspended for the use of HGH for the first 4 games of the season. Now, the HGH has come up recently and its popularity is rising and I wanted to discuss it because I think that a lot of people want it, but they don't know much about it. And before you take something and make the decision to invest your money to enhance you physique, you should know a lot about it.

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Human growth hormone, number one, if know for increasing the density of your bones, making your bones stronger, and it does help increase muscle mass by speeding up the flow and the rate of protein synthesis, which means more protein will enter your muscles, be able to synthesize and therefore, create hypertrophy, which, once again, is the growth of muscle tissue.

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It also helps you increase your sleep pattern, meaning, when you go to bed at night, say you go to bed at 10PM and you typically, wake up at 6AM, but during the night, you wake up three or four times. Say you wake up at 2AM, you wake up at 4AM, you wake up at 5AM - you will sleep all the way through it. It helps you stay asleep at a stable night - so to speak.

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I also wanted to discuss more about HGH in terms of how it is taken. HGH typically, from what I have read, is mainly taken under the tongue or sprayed down the throat. Now, I am sure there is injectable forms as well, but the first two that I named are the more common one to take that people have been using.

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Human growth hormone - so far - there has been no test that any sports league or any school or any NCAA program or high school or whatever has put together that it would show up in your urine. Unlike anabolic steroids, so far - up to this point - human growth hormone is untraceable. That will probably change in the months and years to come because so many people want to crack down on it.

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It is a natural thing: we all have growth hormone and we all could increase it naturally. The one way to do that is simply by working out. Working out on a consistent basis is prone to stimulate the growth pattern, stimulate muscle growth. Its kind of common sense, when you think about it.

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Human growth hormone, so far, the side effects are not really known too much, but I will say that the research is slowly but surely coming up with it. And to be honest with you, the jury is still out on this.

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Now, personally, I am kind of pro HGH. I think its beneficial. I think its great for athletes. I think it can help you out. And I think it can give guys who are undersize an edge. Now human growth hormone typically - the term growth means growth in height. But, because the growth in height means growth in bone density, means makes your bones grow, and I guess genetically, if you are screwing around with genetics and you are not not growing in height, ultimately something has to grow on you, your muscle tissue will be the thing to grow.

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However, human growth hormone really does nothing to increase strength. Its more of a hypertrophy builder. To increase strength, either you need to work out naturally with that and come up with a strength program or anabolic steroids - which I am not suggesting to take - would be the appropriate substance to increase strength.

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So, as far as I am concerned, human growth hormone can be very beneficial, but once again, little is known about it. And as time marches on, more will be found out obviously because you know scientists are at work every second of the day in preparation to give us more information.

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If you are interested in HGH, I suggest be careful, but best of luck to whatever you bodybuilders, fitness models, and beginners decide.

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Personally, I am kind of pro HGH. I think its beneficial. I think its great for athletes. I think it can help you out.


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