What Supplements Should I Take to Gain Muscle?

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I want to thank you for tuning into my video. A the end of this video, I will tell you exactly the products that I want you to buy. But in the meantime, I think you should know that for a new bodybuilder, there are a few things that you simply cannot go without.

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Number one is a whey protein. A creatine, an energy booster and of course a multivitamin.

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Now, I think the best reasons for whey protein are two. And those 2 reasons for taking whey protein are simply because 1) in out diet, we may not be able to get six small meals a day and therefore, we might lack the essential amount of protein you need to build muscle. And in order to build muscle, you need 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. Now, sometimes due to our schedules, some young bodybuilders, even some older ones, we are not always capable of getting the amount we need to fulfill our needs. So, therefore, a whey protein comes in handy and will help tremendously to fulfill that void.

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Secondly, I believe that a whey protein is important because in order to build muscle, your body needs all 24 essential amnio acids. Now, your body itself, only makes the nine essential amino acids. To get all 24 completely, you may need to go out and get a whey protein, because you might not get it from your food, when your body does not make it. So, in order to have the complete package, to have the optimum amount of results in muscle growth, you definitely need a weight protein. And that will help out tremendously.

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The one I recommend most, my personal favorite is 100% Optimum Whey. It is the Gold Standard 2005 2006 Winner of the best whey protein. So, I believe that that one is the most effective. Secondly, a creatine is extremely necessary and I think will help out tremendously, due to the fact that, what creatine does is it makes your muscle fibers do more work. And more work in the weight room means the more growth stimulation, which ultimately means, obviously, more muscle growth. And that is exactly what you want as a bodybuilder trying to put on muscle mass. And what you want to buy, the one I recommend is Cell-Mass. Cell-Mass is the best non-monohydrate bodybuilding creatine supplement and the fact that it will go right to your muscles, making them harder and denser, increasing hypertrophy, which is growth.

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A multi-vitamin I also recommend. By that, I don't think you should take just a regular GNC Mega or a Centrum. I think the best one is Animal Pak, because it is not only vitamins. You are also getting amino acids. You also get other herbs that your body can use as well, and utilize to up your performance in the weight room. Again, that is exactly what athletes and bodybuilders go for. And that is why I recommend it as the best multivitamin of choice because it is like a multivitamin, but times 10. So, why settle for an ordinary one when you can buy one that can give you that extra kick in the rear end that can get you going?

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And lastly, for an energy booster, I think Red Line is the best. Energy boosters, again, I think are very important because some days with the stress of our jobs and family, girlfriends, whatever the case may be, you don't always have the energy to lift weights the proper way you want and perform with intensity in the gym that you want. You definitely do not want to go in there and give a lousy effort because then there is just no point. You should go in there to train and give your best effort and leave it all in the gym, just like football players, leave it all on the field. In order to do that every day, sometimes you are going to need an energy booster.

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The reason why I recommend Red Line is because Red Line has zero calories and the caffeine and the proper guarana and ginseng, and things o that nature that have no calories and that will just give you the energy without the sugar, without anything that might slow you down, any extra calories that you don't need that may turn to fat. Nothing like that. So, that's why I recommend that one. And it is powerful, and it does work.

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And thank you for tuning into m video. I hope this has been most effective for any questions you might have or any concerns. Once again, this is Franco from CampusMen.com. Have a good day and remember to train hard.

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Regardless of supplements, always train hard and give your best effort and leave it all in the gym.

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