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Well, today, I wanted to also discuss what to order when eating out. Now, I know as a bodybuilder, I personally don't like to eat out, as a fitness model, as a bodybuilder. I think eating out is just asking for trouble nutrition-wise. Now, some bodybuilders choose not to diet in the Fall and Winter months. They choose to be liberal and eat whatever they feel like. But the problem with that is, come time for a shoot or competition time, or beach time, you are going to have an very difficult time getting your body fat extremely low to where it needs to be.

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So, what I like to do is I like to eat relatively clean all year-round. Of course, eating more in the winter, to try to put on the healthy mass and stick to minimal body fat. And then when it comes to the end of February, its time to get on that treadmill and start to cut.

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But, in order for that eating out to play into that, because sometimes you are going to be caught in a situation where you are not going to prepare your own broccoli or your own egg whites or your own grilled chicken or turkey, I find it best to stick with those things in a restaurant. Now, sometimes you are not going to be able to order that. And if you can't, you have to pick something that is lean protein-related. So, say if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and all there is is a McDonald's, I suggest either order a grilled McChicken and either eat one bun and replace the other one. Don't eat the other one. And just eat the grilled chicken patty.

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If you are eating in a regular restaurant, a lean steak would be good. Cutting the fat off. Have a New York Strip sirloin. Keep it as lean as you can. Sliced turkey is always good, if you are ever in a deli, and you want a sandwich, whole wheat bread is probably the healthiest of all the breads that I know. So, I would pick turkey on whole wheat, maybe a little bit of lettuce or tomato, peppers, or whatever type of vegetable you like. Not iceberg lettuce, because you do not want to retain water, that would be a healthy alternative.

Step 5

You just basically need to stick lean. I mean, anything you do, you want to make sure you get a good source of protein, a healthy source of carbohydrates, not coming from sugar and simple sources like white bread or soda. You want to drink water, or unsweetened iced tea. Things like that. Green tea that is unsweetened. All those things are perfect.

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As far as vegetables are concerned, anything green is OK. Broccoli is like just one hell of a medicine chest with Vitamin C and all the other things that it provides for you as well. So, I would stick with Broccoli. Most restaurants and diners do have Broccoli.

Step 7

As far as diners are concerned, I think egg white omelets are the best. You ask for an egg white omelet with broccoli, a glass of water. You can't do wrong.

Step 8

You always want to stay lean, you don't want to always be in a situation where you are eating out and saying "That's OK. Its time to cheat on the diet." Because no - there's no excuse. There is always an option. And if you are stuck and there is only a convenience store, or 7-11 or gas station, then you buy a protein bar and you buy a bottle of water with that. You buy a Met-Rx Protein Plus or Pure Protein, or whatever and you make sure it is low in sugar. And by low in sugar, I mean under six grams, or under five grams rather. And you buy a bottle of water with that. And if you need another bar because you are still hungry, whatever you need to do, depending on how much you weigh, to fill your body up, so you are not becoming catabolic. Because a hungry bodybuilder for a long period of time, spells disaster, when he is trying to build muscle.

Step 9

So, anyway, as far as eating out is concerned, the basic thing is to stay lean. There is always am alternative. Do not resort to burgers, pizza, fried chicken and donuts. That will do no good. That will only set you back. You always want to move forward. You might plateau, but that is no excuse to settle and say "Well, you know, well the hell with it". I am going to cheat." There is no excuse for that. None whatsoever.

Step 10

Your turkey, your grilled chicken, your eggs whites, your lean ground beef, your lean steak, there are ways of getting them - and as far as I am concerned - in any situation. Whether you are at a fast food place, you remove the bun, you can order grilled chicken, no matter what fast food place, you have Burger King, Wendy's, McDonald's, they all have it.

Step 11

If you are in a diner, you should have egg whites and broccoli. If you are in a restaurant, you order turkey, or you order salmon. I forgot to mention fish. Fish - especially salmon - is very good for you. You order those things You have broccoli. You have green beans, you don't use any seasoning, and if you do, you keep it light, because extra salt and extra sodium will just set you back again. That is other chemicals that you have o burn off. So, keep it lean and keep it simple. And that's all that there really is to it. You can't go wrong if you do what I just explained.

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Always look for lean meat whenever and wherever you dine.

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I like to eat relatively clean all year-round. Of course, eating more in the winter, to try to put on the healthy mass and stick to minimal body fat. And then when it comes to the end of February, I get on that treadmill and start to cut.


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