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Preparing for the Contest: The way to get in shape would be to diet down at no more than 12 weeks out. If you are a heavier bodybuilder, you shouldn't be more than 20 pounds over your typical contest weight and 15 pounds would be the range for a lighter competitor.

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If you have more body fat that needs burned off, then you must start to diet down and do cardio as early as 16-20 weeks out from the contest.

Step 3

Cardio will also be a huge factor in bringing you down to your absolute minimum amount of body fat. You should ideally lose about 1-2 pounds per week and gradually create a large drop in calories, so you keep your lean muscle mass and get rid of the excess body fat. Cardio should be done every morning for 45-60 minutes on an empty stomach starting at 12 weeks out and done again after weight training for 45-60 minutes 2-4 weeks out depending on your progress.

Step 4

Shaving Body Hair and Tanning: In the last six to eight weeks, along with your diet and cardio exercise you should also be shaving body hair and tanning. Shaving your body hair off will allow you to see all the definition, size, symmetry, and proportion you worked so hard for. Keep in mind the attire you are required to wear for the contest and that you really do need to be completely free of excess pubic and body hair.

Step 5

Shave along with tanning at least three times a week, so you can develop a strong enough base tan. This will also help bring out the maximum amount of muscle density and definition. Spray tanning is also an option.

Step 6

You should also use some sort of paint on self tanner such as Dream Tan that will maximize your color. The more tan you are the more dense and larger your muscles will look at competition time.

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