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If you are a workaholic in the gym and you live to be in shape and show others what it is all about, you may want to become a personal trainer. If you know how to lift weights and can get others to want to work out and train hard, as opposed to forcing them to work out or dragging them through a workout and thinking of it as absolute hell, fitness training is for you. This is a career where enthusiasm is a vital asset to have because your passion for fitness will motivate people to start exercising and change their lives.

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Personal Trainer Requirements: Personal trainers need to have a variety of important skills. personal trainers should be organized, persistent, nurturing, analytical, patient, good listeners, and effective motivators. You should enjoy interacting with various types of personalities and be a self-motivator.

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It is not necessary to look like a bodybuilder to become a personal trainer, but you should definitely practice a healthy lifestyle to be a good role model for the people you train.

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Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer: There are a number of different ways that you can become certified as a trainer. If you already have a gym that you have been considering, you should consult with them to see exactly what type of certification they require for employment. If you are not sure where you'll be employed, set aside some time to research the websites of major organizations to find out: the cost of the certification, the prerequisites required, and if they offer a workshop/exam in your residing area or, a home based study program. The most well known personal training certifications.

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Choosing a Specialty: Choosing a specialty is something to consider and can help diversify you from other personal trainers in the market. A specialty is not a requirement, but in today’s competitive market, a lot of trainers are enhancing their resumes by obtaining specialty certifications. Getting a specialty certification means that you have more knowledge to offer. personal trainers with specialties can usually charge a higher fee for services. One example is ACE's Clinical Exercise Specialist certification, which takes you past basic personal training and allows you to work with special clients like people with injuries of chronic diseases.

Step 6

Marketing Yourself as a Personal Trainer: Once you get things up and running, it is time to get your name out to there and make yourself known. This means newsletters, making flyers, a website, business cards or maybe even some community meetings to bring in clients. It helps to have some equipment at your convenience to make this easier; having basic publishing software, a computer, along with a color printer, and high quality paper. Promote yourself anywhere you are able. Creating a Profile on Campus Men can also help you promote yourself. For example, getting friends and family members to spread the word and sending out flyers and newsletters to people you know, posting flyers in sporting goods stores, and offering free consultations and meetings is an excellent way to get your foot in the door. Being successful as a personal trainer takes skill, work, experience and talent. Getting a certification is not a guarantee that you'll either have clients or, more importantly, be able to keep the clients you may get.

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Personal Trainer Events and Conferences: To improve upon your skills, consider joining a national organization, such as IDEA, and attending personal trainer, seminars, workshops and summits. You don't need to work for yourself or in a gym. Personal trainers work in all kinds of different types of places such as: resorts, online training, corporate fitness, cruises, spas, and more. The bottom line is if you have a huge amount of enthusiasm towards fitness and feel you have a knack for teaching this is career you may want to suggest.

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When you become a personal trainer, you will discover one thing will make-or break your ability to make a living for yourself: RECOGNITION. As we all painfully know, all too often some of the best personal trainers are broke, while the outspoken tool at the gym down the way (you know, the one who can't spell "Bench Press", let alone teach a client to do one properly) is making a killing. Creating a Profile on Campus Men is a great way for busy fitness pros to "get their name out there." As a personal trainer, getting that ever-important recognition is vital for growing and maintaining your business. offers free, innovative tools which allow personal trainers to use their clients to increase their training business exponentially. How? Current clients, assured they are working with the best, can help the Trainer gather more and more "Fans" on And Fans turn into future paying clients. This is word of mouth advertising on Steroids!

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