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On day two, we have back and abs. The first exercise, chin-ups. You'll be doing 10 sets with alternating grips, approximately 60 second rest intervals in between sets. I will explain more about the alternating grips later. Basically that will allow you to more thoroughly train every muscle fiber in your lats, which is what we're targeting with chin-ups by alternating groups. It will also extend the lifetime of your set. You'll have a lot more endurance.

Step 2

Finally, onto the barbell row, where you'll do to warm-up sets and then three sets of 12-15. After the barbell row, your lower back and lats are pretty warmed up, we're going to go heavy and implement some rack deadlifts. These are performed on the power rack. You're going to do three sets of 15. We'll set the pins at knee height. and a little bit longer rest intervals here. 90 seconds per set.

Step 3

Finally, for the back, were going to do seated cable rows. Three sets of 10-12 reps.

Step 4

Then on back day we also train your abs. lots of people do a lot of different exercises for abs. I know you had a few that were your favorites, we're going to do reverse crunches on a bench and crunches on a Swiss ball as a superset for three sets of each. And that's it. That's essentially all the ab training you get in the entire week.

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