How To Use Whey Protein To Build Muscle

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Building muscle and getting stronger requires more than lifting weights and effort in the gym. Building Muscle also requires proper protein supplementation as well. Most beginner bodybuilders will spend hours lifting weights but then will wonder why they aren't seeing any muscle growth. Many times lack of muscle growth is due to a lack of protein that keep you with a puny and skinny body rather than god-like muscular frames.

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Protein is a Building Block: Protein is the building block of muscle. It is required for your body to repair the micro tears or stress on your muscle which occur from lifting weights. Without enough protein, you will never get those eye popping arms or those broad shoulders to impress the ladies on campus.

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Rule of Thumb: Eat Enough Protein: Now a general rule of thumb is that someone who consistently works out should take in 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Most new bodybuilders are unaware of this and therefore don't eat enough protein.

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Another problem is that the protein being consumed doesn't have a high biological value, which means a very small amount of protein is actually utilized by the body to build more muscle. The more that is utilized by the body, the more effective it will be in repairing muscle and in the muscle building process.

Step 5

When Protein versus Other Protein Types: Whey protein is excellent source of protein that will support you're weight training regimen. Whether you are trying to bulk up in the fall and winter months or get totally ripped for the summer, whey protein can play a vital role in your diet. Whey protein has the highest biological value among all types of protein. Whey protein powder is made from cow's milk. Whey protein is actually known as a complete protein, which means it contains all essential and non essential amino acids which will make protein in the body. Ultimately, that means the growth of muscle tissue.

Step 6

Whey protein is also very beneficial because it gives you the protein and amino acids bodybuilders need without the unnecessary added amounts of fat and carbohydrates. Most whey protein contains only 0.5-1.5 grams of fat and 5-30 mg of cholesterol - depending on the brand. This is important when monitoring caloric intake (calories taken in) each day. Whey protein is also quickly digested and quickly released so it can immediately attend to nourishing you're hard earned muscle.

Step 7

When to Consume Protein: Whey protein should be taken 2-3 times per day in addition to the protein coming from your diet. It must to be taken immediately after your workout, so you can replenish those heavily trained arms, chest, shoulders, etc. Think of it like this: the sooner you replenish the muscle, the sooner it grows, the sooner the women become impressed. Another suggestion is to have a serving of whey protein before you go to bed so your muscles get the nourishment for support and repair through the night.

Step 8

Pure Whey Protein Isolate: Many guys have their own nutritional sensitivities which means we all react different to certain nutriance. For people who are lactose intolerant, who don't handle dairy well - which causes stomach cramps, it would be a wise idea to consume a pure whey protein isolate. A pure whey protein isolate has less than 0.1 gram of lactose per tablespoon. Lactose is the sugar found in diary products which causes the irritation of being lactose intolerant. Both whey protein concentrate (regular whey protein) and pure whey protein isolate can both be purchased at your local health food store such as GNC,, Vitamin World, etc.

Step 9

Now consider yourself informed. If you want to build a lean, strong physique, whey protein is an absolute must. If you are not drinking any protein shakes, I want you to go to GNC and buy a 7 pound bottle of 100 percent Whey Protein (any flavor) today. It will cost you $43.99. No excuses. Just go get it. Just think: the sooner you add whey protein into your diet and post workout routine, the sooner you will start building those 20 inch guns.

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