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The standard for quality basketball jerseys has been set by the incredible consistency with which Nike produces its uniforms. I have worn Nike uniforms my entire playing career and would not recommend any other product.

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To order custom basketball jerseys that can be tailored to fit your teams colors, sizes, and style, make sure to log on to the Nike team site and you will be directed to the home page where you can start the process. Nike has already cataloged thousands of schools in their database and chances are that they will already know your teams colors.

Step 3

You have the choice of ordering all your gear online, or you can call Nike and get connected to a representative who can often meet you in person and give you samples of the different products they carry. If you choose the online route, the team website is a one stop shop for jerseys, and they allow you to choose from a variety of prices and styles.

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I have worn the tight-fitting dri-fit mesh jerseys from Nike and I was completely satisfied with the fit and performance of the uniforms. They are a great buy and have the potential to be used for several seasons if they are taken care of.

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I understand that not every team has the budget or resources to buy nice jerseys from one of the big retailers. In that case, there are a ton of online manufacturers that will produce affordable jerseys in a timely fashion. Although the quality will suffer a bit, your wallet will be saved if you decide to purchase uniforms from a vendor like Champro.

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My last suggestion is to develop a relationship with a local sporting goods store in your area. Independent stores can sometimes offer great deals with personalized service if they know who your school and athletic program.

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Happy shopping!

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The danger with buying jerseys from an online distributor is that your order can easily get lost in the shuffle and there is the possibility the jerseys might not arrive on time. So do yourself a favor and order the jerseys long before you need them to allow time to sort out any mix ups or mistakes. Also, wherever you decide to buy your jerseys, be sure to ask for a sample jersey so your athletes can get an accurate understanding of the sizes.

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While playing Division 1 basketball my program switched jerseys about halfway through my career and I immediately noticed a difference in the comfort and flexibility of our new uniforms. A carefully selected uniform can make all the difference!

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