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The type of basketball rim you decide to buy should depend on the type of court your are planning to install it on. Each rim operates differently and will thus accommodate an outdoor court in a unique way, as compared to an indoor court. It is also important to consider the type of players that are going to be using the court and whom the court is intended to serve.

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Keeping all this in mind if you are going to install an outdoor basketball rim at a public park or public facility, you are going to want to consider purchasing something similar to the Heavy Duty Double Rim by First Team. Public courts get a lot of use and must endure lots of wear and tear. Also the rim has to be able to withstand people who like to hang on the rim. Although the double rims do not always provide the most friendly rolls to shooters, they will last a long time and have a reputation for not breaking.

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If you are looking for a quality (but not top of the line) rim to install in your driveway, a church, or a another facility that will be used moderately you might want to consider a model similar to the Spalding 7800 Slam Jam Rim. This rim has a spring mechanism that allows it to bend backwards when someone hangs on it, and it will satisfy most casual basketball enthusiasts. This is a solid rim for a solid price.

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If you want to install the best rim on the market, you should purchase the Goalrilla Rim. You have to own a Goalrilla system (which I talk about in another post) in order to install the rim, but both are worth the investment. This is a full "breakaway" rim which means that anyone who hangs on the rim will be able to momentarily pull the rim down, but once the person lets go the rim will snap back into place. This allows for anyone who dunks the ball to safely return to the ground after they slam it down. This rim provides a soft touch and nice rolls for shooters which make it perfect for either the serious backyard player or an official rim for high schools or colleges. If you are serious about the game of basketball, purchase this rim!

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Choosing the right rim is all about finding the one that fits your needs the best. Hopefully this tip will give you a jump start on your search to find the perfect basketball rim.

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Most rims need to be compatible with the goal system, although there are systems which can support multiple rim models.

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A quality basketball rim can make all the difference in the overall quality of an entire basketball system. It is important to do your research and make an educated decision when deciding what kind of rim to buy.

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