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From my experience there are two reasons to wear finger sleeves. You can either wear them for style or functionality.

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I'll start with by describing some of the functions I know finger sleeves can provide. First, they can be used as a support for a jammed or weak finger. Basketball has the tendency to produce many jammed fingers which can swell up and make performing even the simplest skills a difficult task. The finger sleeve can compress the injury and provide stability to a weak finger. Second, fingers sleeves can be used to secure a band-aid or medical dressing of some kind. Just slide the sleeve over the bandage and it should stay in place for the entire length of competition.

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Now i'll move on to style. Finger sleeves have gone in and out of style in the last 20 years. Perhaps the most well-known basketball to regularly wear finger sleeves was the electrifying point guard for the 76ers, Allen Iverson. The "look good, play good" mantra has started to catch momentum in the past several years and the finger sleeve is an example of how this this idea has become popularized.

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If you are going to use finger sleeves for their functionality, I would recommend buying either the Uxcell or Double Star brand, seeing as they make a wide variety of finger sleeves for different uses. They tend to manufacturer finger sleeves that are used by athletes and regular everyday people, so they gear their finger sleeves to be more medically compatible and efficient.

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If you are going to use finger sleeves to make a style statement, I would advise buying from either Nike or another large sporting goods outfitter. You can find finger sleeves with your favorite logo, team, or emblem on them to make sure you make the style statement that will have everyone talking.

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Ultimately, finger sleeves are inexpensive and a low risk investment, so try out several different kinds and find the one that fits you best!

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I have found that finger sleeves negatively affect my jump shot, so I have decided to stay away from them for the most part. Each person will have to make their own determination on this.

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While basketball finger guards are not essential for playing the game of basketball, they can provide a few distinct advantages.

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