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In all my years of playing basketball I have known two different teammates who have worn face guards, each for different reasons. The first teammate had to wear a face guard because he needed to protect his face after he had healed from a serious facial injury. He had suffered dramatic trauma to his face which resulted in broken cheek bones and a broken jaw. He needed an added layer of protection when he returned to the basketball court and his doctor recommended he wear a face guard.

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My second teammate broke his nose during practice and didn't want to take the time off to let his nose heal so he decided to invest in a face guard that would allow him to continue playing. He successfully returned to the court in a few days and was able to play without missing any competition.

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Both teammates wore the face guard from Mueller and were satisfied with the face guards overall performance. They felt protected whenever they stepped on the court and their noses, cheeks, and jaws were protected from the physicality of a basketball game. It did take some additional time for them to get used to having a cumbersome mask on their face, but they grew used to wearing the mask as time passed.

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I have also heard good reviews about the Bangerz nose guard. People have told me that they eventually grew used to how the nose guard fit to their face, but admitted that it did take some adjusting to find the right fit. The combination of the face pads and the straps make it so that you will most likely have to tinker with the face guard to conform it to your face.

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My last recommendation for finding a face guard is to talk to your local orthopedic surgeon. Any doctor involved in sports medicine will be able to refer you to a place that specializes in making custom face guards. Rip Hamilton has made this kind of face guard famous after he started wearing one on a regular basis.

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Some people find face guards to be unorthodox and annoying. This is understandable, but it is a small price to pay in order to protect one of your most valuable assets... Your Face!

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If you have ever had your nose broken and you still want the chance to compete in your team's basketball games, you might want to consider buying a basketball face guard.

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