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The ultimate guide for weight training by Rob Price gives any coach or player a detailed description of weight training exercises that can help any motivated athlete become a better player. Weight training for basketball differs from weight training for football, soccer, or any other sport. There are specific lifts and techniques that basketball players can work on in order to improve their game.

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Gregg Popovich is the current coach for the San Antonio Spurs and has an impressive track record for having the best conditioned and toughest team on the court. His years of NBA experience make him a perfect candidate to teach his readers about the importance of basketball conditioning. He provides crucial insights and suggestions for how coaches and players can take their conditioning to the next level.

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Jerry Krause has a been around the game of basketball as a player, coach, executive, and scout. This vast array of working experience has given him the knowledge of how to most effectively train players. His book of skills and drills will help any player target their weaknesses and turn them into strengths. This book is a must read for the serious basketball player or coach.

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Basketball training books can be useful in building a repertoire of drills, techniques, and basketball knowledge that will give you the tools to become a better player.

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