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Finding the right kind of basketball net for your hoop is essential for completing the overall basketball experience you wish to achieve. The net that you select should be based primarily on the type of hoop you are going to install it on, and the personal preference of the people using the hoop.

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For any outdoor court, you can never go wrong with a steel chain net. A steel chain net is the most durable kind of basketball net and can withstand the weather elements that tend to disintegrate nylon nets over time. Steel nets will not break when someone uses the net to pull themselves up on the rim, and most steel nets are covered with a protective coating that prevents them from rusting away. Steel nets definitely add a primitive feel to a court and could be perfect for your outdoor hoop.

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If you have a hoop in your driveway, the Spalding All-Weather net is the perfect net for you. Although not as durable as steel nets, the all-weather nets give you the feel of being indoors, without the inconvenience of having to drive to a gym. These nets do have to be replaced because they will start to fray and become brittle as time takes its toll. This net is a versatile and quality net that will perform well.

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Any indoor court should look into getting the Deluxe Net from Champion Sports. This is made of the highest quality nylon and will need to be replaced much less frequently than the outdoor nets. This net is strong and flexible, which will allow it to endure the thousands of basketballs that float through the rim. A great net, at an affordable price.

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If you decide to buy a steel net, be careful not to get your fingers caught in the net during competition. The steel is so strong, that it can cause injury if someone catches their hand in the net accidentally.

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Basketball nets come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. Understanding what kind of net you want for your court, can help you create the kind of basketball ambiance you always dreamed of.

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